Friday, January 30, 2015

A New York Thirtieth

We're off to New York this evening, dear readers!  One of my best friends from college, Camilla, is celebrating her 30th with a bash just outside of the city on Saturday night.  I remember sitting next to her in Lit Hum freshman year as she doodled horses in the margins of Thucydides and whispered a running ribald commentary into my ear as the class discussed Lysistrata; despite the glamour of cocktails, dinner, and dancing, I suspect Camilla's party will be just as unaffected and warm as she is.

She was very disappointed to hear the the original dress I planned to wear is more modest so, to oblige the birthday girl, I browsed the  sale rack at Macy's yesterday when I stopped by to buy some tights.  I hope she approves of the new frock I'm packing for the party!

double quinceanera

dress  (not available online; similar here and here) / earrings / bobby pins / bracelet / clutch / heels / Spanx


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