Monday, December 8, 2014

DC-Area Blogger Photos with Sara

Happy Monday, dear readers!  Well, it isn't entirely - it's cold and drizzly in Washington, which is kind of yucky, and we have an event tonight so it'll be a long one.  But, on the bright side, today is the day I properly introduce you to Sara Conklin!

Sara is a friend from work (and, happily, a friend outside of work, too) who has a secret side life as a fantastic photographer in and around DC.  Sara took those two photos at the top of my Dove haircare review post from October, and Jon and Charlie and I went out to Rock Creek Park with her in early November for a family shoot in the foliage; I couldn't be more pleased with the albums she sent me from both sessions!  She's really good at giving direction, which I desperately need when I'm having my photo taken, but has a lot of fun with what she's doing and makes the process feel like a blast.

When Sara and I were taking the portraits for that Dove post, I mentioned that a lot of bloggers would jump at the chance to have professional (but natural-looking) headshots taken that they could use on their blogs.  I explained that new bloggers and smaller bloggers often don't have a lot of money to invest in our blogs, but we want to look polished regardless of whether we just blog as a hobby or if we're hoping to grow our blogs into something more.  One way to achieve that, I think, is by having a few good portraits we can use around our site.  The problem is that we aren't always sure how to find a photographer or describe what we're looking for.

And, because Sara's awesome like this, she very kindly offered to help us out!  She has a full slate of options, one of which is a 90 minute headshot shoot yielding 5 photos for $45, but she's offered to expand that session for us: $45, 90 minutes, one outfit change, and 10-12 photos emailed to you.  To arrange this, just email her at and let her know that I sent you!


  1. I wish I was in the DC area to take advantage of this, for sure! x

  2. These are too cute! And a blogger head shot package is an excellent idea.

  3. I love these family portraits! I wish I were in the DC area to snag such a great deal. Your local blogging world is lucky!

  4. Late (no laptop now), but so cute!

  5. haha duh. though usually he tries to get involved! he hates being left out of cuddles.

  6. These are so cute. I love the fall colors too!


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