Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crazy but Okay

I have a half-dozen drafts on the most random topics sitting in Blogger, but I really can't switch gears without first saying thank you.  (This does, in part, explain for the lack of posting over the past week!)  You didn't accept my first cop-out post on the word "hustle," and you shared your thoughts to encourage me to voice my own.  And then you wholeheartedly embraced my second post, full of insecurity and judgement, and you made me feel like I wasn't crazy - or, at least, if I was, it was the okay sort of crazy that you'd help me get out of.

And I know it seems sort of silly to give this much weight to these two posts that, really, aren't about anything terribly deep, but sometimes I feel like we lifestyle bloggers are all walking on eggshells whenever we want to talk about what we're doing not in a vacuum - that is, what we're doing contrasted with what other people might be doing.  It's hard to walk a mile in another's shoes when writing a blog is, inherently, a naval-gazing activity.  (Yikes, there are a lot of mixed metaphors in there, aren't there?  Oops.)  But I wanted to say thank you because, as usual, you helped me be more open-minded about "hustle" and everything that comes with it.  You reminded me to look not only for what people are trying to say despite what I'm inclined to hear but also to be patient with the insecurities and judgements that others might have and to accept them as okay - crazy but okay, just like me.

Thank you, dear readers, and happy Sunday.

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  1. If only we could all be so eloquent about our insecurities!


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