Friday, October 3, 2014

Frock Fridays: Gala Gowns

In the year after I moved back from England, I lost 25 lbs.  I was running seriously, making healthy food choices, and - perhaps most importantly for this emotional eater - happy.  The year following my wedding, though, was really hard.  I was unemployed for longer than my pride likes to admit, the frustrations of the visa process worked its way into every crack of my soul, and running and eating well fell by the wayside as we endured a horrible winter.  I gained every pound back.

(The downside to chronicling your life online is that you can control+F almost anything you've blogged about; the last time I wrote about this, back in January, I set myself a goal that I clearly didn't make.  Oof.)

The past month, though, has felt good.  I signed up for a 10k at the end of October, so I'm back on track with my running, I'm making better decisions about food (and, not incidentally, drinking less), work is going really well, and Jon's here.  I feel great, and that means I'm ready to put my health first again in a way that I really wasn't able to nine months ago.

Because of that, when it came time to get a dress for my organization's annual gala, I didn't want to buy anything.  I'm currently a size I haven't been in years and I didn't want to spend a silly amount of money on a dress that, hopefully, will be too big for me when next year's gala rolls around.  Thank goodness for Rent the Runway, right?

I browsed these four gorgeous dresses on the site, finally ordering the pink Badgley Mischka because I'd worn it (in red and in a smaller size) to my former employer's gala in April 2013 and it made me feel fabulous.  I haven't yet figured out which accessories I'll wear it with, but keep an eye on my Instagram this weekend - you'll know as soon as I do!

gala gowns

blue / red / pink / gold
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  1. I think I need that red gown - so beautiful! Although I'd be happy with the pink one too! Fi xx

  2. Ooh I love that red gown but I can imagine that the pink would look stunning on you! I've never used Rent the Runway but I can certainly identify with the feeling of not wanting to buy new clothes at your current size...I'm in the exact same boat of losing 25, buying some lovely new clothes and getting rid of my larger ones after maintaining for a year, and then ZIP! Gaining it all back. I've tried to focus on buying basics that will fit even with a few pounds more or less, but for a spendy purchase like a gown, RTR sounds great.

  3. I love all of those and I can't wait to see how you accessorize that pink one--it's gorgeous!

  4. I love the red and the blue dresses. Can't wait to see what you picked and best of luck with your gala. I know it will go off without a hitch!

  5. You're going to look so amazing in that pink gown! Can't wait to see pictures! I know it's so tough to keep up with exercise and healthy eating when other things are wearing you down, but it seems like you're in a good place now so you can start to focus on your health.

  6. I borrowed the short navy version of the gold gown for a wedding in Dec. 2012 and I looooooooved it. Made me want to have fancy things to go to so I could justify buying it!

    So do you get a date for the gala? Now that your date is HERE?!?!!

  7. I want an excuse to use Rent the Runway so much! I'm sure the pink will be good. There's something comforting about knowing you loved wearing something similar before. I personally LOVE that gold gown. I just need a gala to attend! :)

  8. I totally get the not reaching goals. I gained 8 pounds this month. But I just found out I have a fundraiser for a NFP foundation I freelance with in February-- really excited to try out this rental thing! That dress on the right is to die for.

  9. I can't wait to see you in the dress! I know it's going to be gorgeous. Speaking of which... I'm going to a formal wedding and don't have anything to wear.... think I could get a dress delivered by Friday?


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