Sunday, September 14, 2014

Visa Process Drinking Game

from Jon's FB event page

After a year of our visa process moving at a glacial pace, I'm totally thrown by how everything has accelerated in the past week!  I can't even imaging how Jon feels given that he's the one going through a huge life transition.  Since his successful visa interview on September 4, he's wrapped up his various professional projects, passed on his lease to a friend, arranged collection of boxes for shipping, begun packing his suitcases, organized his own leaving do at a favorite pub - and, of course, picked up his passport, a shiny visa pasted inside it, and booked his one-way flight to DC.

Feeling a bit dizzy yet?  We certainly are!  In some ways it feels like the visa process has secretly been part of a Monty Python sketch.  I won't be at all be surprised if I spotted John Cleese doing a silly walk through International Arrivals when I go to Dulles next Friday.

If you're surprised that we were never, in fact, in communication with the Redundant Department of Redundancy, you might like the drinking game that my friend Liz invented at my birthday dinner party.  Three of the eight of us gathered in my living room that night had intimate knowledge of immigration procedures, and at one point the conversation was overtaken by a heated discussion on US visa policies.  I was mid-sentence when I heard Liz giggle into her wine glass and then take a gulp.  We all looked at her, confused.  Who knew that the DS-260 was so funny?

In her infinite wisdom, Liz had decided the only appropriate response to the absurdity of the visa process was drinking.  I emailed her after the party to make sure I understood the rules of her game so I could share them with you, and here's how she replied:
Impromptu Visa Drinking Game: drink every time someone says a ridiculous name for a form, like an E270RKD, or an agency, like the Office of American Wife Proof.
Voila, dear readers; there you have it.  Should you find yourself in conversation with someone applying for a visa or going through immigration shenanigans, remember the Impromptu Visa Drinking Game.  In particular, keep an ear out for these words, forms, and phrases, all of which are too familiar to Jon and me:

Affidavit of Support
Notice of Approval
Adjustment of Status
Green Card

Of course, please play this game responsibly.  It could be dangerous if you find yourself in the company of frustrated expats and hopeful expats - as you know, we can go on and on about it all!

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  1. Ha! I could easily play this game. Ok, is there really an office of american wife proof? It sounds like one of those things only I am gullible enough to believe!

  2. My UK citizenship had an extremely bizarre component: despite the fact that the US government, UK government, NHS, DVLA, my bank and my job were all pretty sure I was "me," the UK Passport Office had to give me a 30 minute interview to prove it. Because someone impersonating me would surely be able to trick all of the aforementioned agencies but NOT the Passport Office.

  3. I cant play this game, I'd get alcohol poisoning

    but it did make me laugh till I cried. :)

  4. I couldn't keep up playing the game - I work in an international headquarters where half of the international officers are liaisons and others are working toward their citizenship. Still, I'll raise a class for you guys! Cheers!

  5. It's easier to laugh at it now, I bet! I'm so excited that Jon will be here soon!!!!!!

  6. I'm really just so happy for you both, and to know that the frustration will so be over. You really have kept good humor and a positive attitude overall for this whole time, which is just incredible. You deserve so much happiness!

  7. haha I know - it was the perfect comic relief when Liz explained why she'd giggled at the party!

  8. thank GOODNESS they're so thorough, eh? about some things, anyway. UGH. ha!

  9. haha you've only mostly SEEN the good humor - Jon had to bear the brunt of the rest! he's a saint.


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