Friday, August 29, 2014

28 Things for 28 Years

It's my birthday!  This week has been sort of insane at work, so I definitely plan on taking the whole long weekend to indulge myself in my advancing age.  A few friends are coming over for dinner tonight, I'm going apple picking tomorrow, my parents are taking me out to dinner on Sunday, and I've booked myself a facial on Monday.  It's going to be fab!

Totally narcissistically, I've decided to celebrate my birthday on this blog by sharing 28 things - one for each year - you might not know about me.  Some probably won't come as a surprise to you.  Others... well, let's see!

28 Things for 28 Years

1. I love public speaking.
2. But I was terrified when I got solos in choir.
3. I founded an all-girls barbershop quartet in high school.
4. I hold my nose every time I jump into a pool.
5. In 6th grade, I won first place in a national French competition. It's been all downhill from there.
6. I dyed my hair once, in 8th grade; I was going for auburn but it ended up sort of purple.
7. I've been thinking about getting a small discrete tattoo for a while but I'm afraid my mother will disown me.
8. If I could get another degree, I'd want to go to divinity school.
9. I love amusement parks and county fairs.
10. But I don't really like theme parks.
11. And I have no desire to ever go on a cruise.
12. I'm a city girl but my fantasy is to move to a smaller university town like Charlottesville or Ithaca.
13. Similarly, I'd love to live in Oxford or Cambridge if Jon and I don't settle in London when we move back to England.
14. I can't wait to have a house with a garden but I'm terrified that I'll discover I don't have a green thumb at all.
15. I don't get manicures but a good pedicure is one of my favorite luxuries.
16. Folding laundry soothes me.
17. I can forgive almost anything if the person responsible owns his/her mistake and resolves to learn from it.
18. I hate horror films but I love Hitchcock.
19. I failed a class in college freshman year because I slept through the final exam, which counted for 75% of the grade.
20. I loved creative writing when I was younger, but I've never wanted to write a novel.
21. If I were to try to get something of mine published, it would be nonfiction - probably a series of essays.
22. I wish I could talk like Aaron Sorkin writes.
23. I cried the first time I voted (which was in the 2004 elections) because I was so overcome with civic pride.
24. Giving up sweets wouldn't be too hard for me.
25. Giving up cheese would be impossible.
26. I don't like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.
27. I don't have original taste in music - and I'm totally okay with that.  Show me a bandwagon and I'll jump on it.
28. If I could have one celebrity show up to sing me Happy Birthday, I'd want it to be Harry Connick Jr.

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  1. Happiest of Birthdays to you, Betsy! I can relate to #16, #17, #25 and HECK YES to #28! :)

  2. I love this post!! Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday! As for #7, if it is discreet enough, she'll never have to know.... ;)

  4. Ha! I love this post! Happy, happy birthday to you Betsy! Much love. xxxx

  5. Happy Birthday Betsy! My best wishes from Spain! Feliz Cumpleaños! I hope you have a great dinner party! I knew from one of your posts that your sister is starting Law School. I know she can speak Spanish. Please, do send my best wishes to her en español: Querida Sara, te deseo lo mejor en esta nueva aventura que comienzas. Espero todo te vaya muy bien. Buena suerte en tus estudios. Un saludo desde España. María

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betsy! II hope you have the best time celebrating! xo

  7. I suppose we could still be friends even if you don't like PB and chocolate together ;-)

    Happy birthday!

  8. I was all "ME TOOOOOOO" and "This is why we're friends!" until I got to #26. Now I'm not sure about anything anymore. ;)
    #7- I got my tongue pierced in October of freshman year of college. Even with going home a few weekends, Thanksgiving, and all Christmas break, my mom never saw it until I intentionally showed it to her minutes before leaving to drive back to school for spring semester. A tattoo can DEFINITELY be hidden! ;)

  9. Happy birthday! How great that it comes with the long weekend - your plans sound perfect! And this was a fun list to read - totally with you on the cheese, but not so much on the peanut butter + chocolate... Also folding laundry is one of my favorite chores. Everything in its place!

  10. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday, Betsy!!

    #12. YES TO CHARLOTTESVILLE. I would LOVE to move back. #16. Please teach me your zen. Out of all the chores around the house, I will bribe, cheat, and lie to get out of folding laundry. And #24 + 25, AMEN.

  12. Happy birthday, Betsy! Your plans sound perfect!

  13. I like folding laundry too! It does sound like you embrace life! I only like peanut butter by itself, not with anything else too

  14. After we went to Oxford this year I have been planning out the rest of my life with it as the backdrop, such a wonderful city.

  15. Happy belated birthday! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend of celebrations :)

  16. This is so sweet, Maria - I'll pass it on! And thank you :)

  17. Happy belated birthday! I wish I had your love of folding laundry... I may or may not have a laundry basket full of clothes that's been sitting around for 2 days...

  18. Hooray for number 12! Weirdly, I've lived (live) in both of those places. Ithaca from the age of 2 to about 10. My parents say that Charlottesville reminds them of Ithaca!

    Also I agree with you on number 21. Same here :)

  19. I'm with ya on the no cruise, loving pedicures waaaay more than mani's, and give up cheese? Yes, that would be IMPOSSIBLE. I love lists like this. x

  20. I'm SUPER late commenting on this post, but I can totally see why we are friends. #22 and #23 basically explain to me why I think you're the coolest person ever.


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