Saturday, May 10, 2014

Frock Fridays: Mothers' Day Edition

Okay, my timing is slightly off as it's neither Friday nor Mothers' Day, but it must be said regardless: my mom has a fantastic sense of style.

I wouldn't call her fashion-forward, though she's certainly aware of current trends, and she's not brand-conscious, though she owns a few pieces by significant designers; my mother just has an instinct about what cuts and fabrics flatter a woman's shape.  She has a tailor's eye, sharpened by years of sewing clothes for me and my sister, and I always trust her judgement when she tells me that a skirt isn't hanging quite right or that the waistline of a dress is a bit too high.  Of course, that also means I have to listen to her when she brushes aside my insecurities and tells me I look beautiful!

Mom's style angles classic, but I love how comfortable she is playing with patterns and colors.  It was so much fun to see how she created outfits for work when I was living at home and these days, if I find myself bored by what's in my closet, I try to imagine how my mother would put pieces together and what jewelry she'd choose to jazz things up.  We don't share exactly the same taste, especially when it comes to accessories, but it's a testament to her sense of style that her example is an inspiration regardless.

That's why it's so much fun to go shopping with her.  Mom knows that, even if we're ostensibly browsing for me, she'll hear "Hey, Mom, what do you think of this?" and she'll look up to find me holding a hanger with her name written all over it.  So I took the liberty of creating a springy weekend outfit for this Mothers' Day Frock Fridays post that I think my mom would enjoy wearing.  To be honest, I could see myself in this outfit too - it's probably a good thing that she's petite and I can't steal her clothes!

mothers' day

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  1. I would also love to be able to steal my moms clothes but she is 5 inches taller and three cups sizes smaller so it does not work either!

  2. What a fun outfit! (So she must be a fun mom!) I used to borrow my mom's clothes in middle school- she's 4'11" and I outgrew her shortly after that, but it was nice to have the expanded wardrobe. My mom and I both prefer more "plain" pieces but she's more likely to pick color than I am. I tend to stick with denim, white, gray, and black.

  3. Ohhhh if that it your mum's style then we would get along fabulously. So bright and colorful!

  4. I love this outfit. I'm always looking for great printed dresses!


  5. I have totally stolen my mom's clothes. She's got way better style than me! No shame.

  6. My mom has great taste. I've stolen much of her jewelry over the years. My biggest (shallow) regret is that we don't wear the same shoe size, because her shoe collection is filled with beautiful, quality shoes that all last 10+ years. As she's gotten older, she doesn't wear heels as often, so all these gorgeous pumps are just sitting there, unworn!

  7. I have the exact same feelings about my mother's shoe collection and the fact that she a)doesn't wear lots of the pumps anymore and b) we are unfortunately not the same shoe size! Before my mom was a teacher she was a jeweller so I love borrowing her things but most conveniently she can fix things i've broken! x


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