Thursday, January 30, 2014

Distance Makes The Heart

I had a little meltdown at Target the other weekend.  Getting emotional isn't an uncommon occurrence for me at my favorite big box retailer - I feel the thrill of the collector every time I spot a new pattern or embellishment amongst the cardigans and this sort of thing makes me verklempt -  but I'm usually quite happy when I walk through the doors and even happier when I leave.  Last time, though, I got really sad.

Perhaps surprisingly, I blame the Valentine's Day cards.  Jon and I have been on opposite sides of the Atlantic on February 14 for two of the past four years; this will be our third Valentine's Day as a long-distance couple.  So I should be used to it, right?  And, actually, I'm not terribly upset about not getting to share the holiday as a commercial or celebratory occasion with him.  (That's one of the silver linings to being with a guy who tries to make every conversation loving even when I want to talk practicalities!)  But, somehow, the Valentine's Day cards lining the shelves at Target had me doing an infantile dance of frustration in the aisle, blinking away tears as I rejected card after card as being inappropriate or irrelevant for our situation.

Of course I agree with the sentiment of the card that said "I love being in your arms," but the message just felt bittersweet; we don't know when we'll next be together so I'd rather not focus on that sort of thing.  In the end, I found one that talked about how "my heart is always with you" (or something like that).  It was cheesier than I'd normally have picked, but there weren't tons of options at Target for a girl in a long-distance relationship.

Last night, even though I've already bought my card and posted it, I decided to have a look around Etsy to see what's available there.  I know at least a few of my readers are in their own long-distance relationships, so I thought it might be useful to round up some of the cards I liked best - cards that don't dance around the situation but are still sweet - in case you're still on the hunt!

clockwise from top L: SmartyPantsPaperCo / ChristinaMalta / StrangerDays 

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  1. These are some adorable cards! After having to say goodbye right before valentines last year I am so glad we get to actually spend the holiday together.

  2. hang in there lady! i would be a teary mess in target too! but i love your picks... especially the "love your face" one :) xo

  3. Georgia ChristakisJanuary 30, 2014 at 9:03 PM

    love this; I'll be with Peter for valentine's for the first time since he asked me out (on valentine's day, no less) and I am SUPER pumped. still missing each other's birthday, though (I literally have not been with him for a single one :()

  4. haha me too - it's something I actually say to him!

  5. aw YAY for Valentine's Day together! fingers crossed you'll get a birthday together soon too :)

  6. those girls are so creative! wish I could think up that stuff :)

  7. Well, I have to say... I love the one that says "Long Distance is a Bitch" because it's a tough road. This is only our second Valentine's together, so it's kind of strange for us to celebrate together rather than apart....

    Hugs to you lovely Betsy!!

  8. I'm sorry you're away from the one you love this Valentine's Day. The cards are adorable. Warmest wishes :)

  9. I don't think you ever get used to emotional things. Just when you think you have, they come and smack you upside the head when you least expect it. I kinda figured after being deployed, nothing else would ever be able to stress me out again, and the other day I found myself wigging out over dealing with a mix up with the electric company.

    It's okay to feel things. I just hope you're feeling better things today!


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