Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Teaser for Tomorrow

Just dropping in, dear readers, to let you know that Rachel has asked me to co-host the Expat Diaries link-up tomorrow with her and Chelsea!  And I'll have a special treat for you on this blog in the form of a guest post written by my very own expat: Jon.  You may have noticed the hashtag #expat on a handful of my tweets and Instagrams over the past week or so but, for the first time, it's not in reference to me.  I haven't officially been an expat for a year and a half; if all goes well, Jon will be coming to the US with a visa in his passport in less than four months.  He's the expat around here now, so he'll be on Betsy Transatlantically tomorrow with his thoughts!

I hope you'll link up with us - you can share any travel/expat stories from your own blog and read others', too.  It's a really fun way to feel part of this community.  If you're new to this and want to see some of the other editions of the link-up, check out November and September.  Have fun with it!

And, because I can't leave you with only that teaser after a full day's worth of silence, here are a few transatlantic links I've seen around the interwebs recently:

amen to almost all of these

I have heard absolute horror stories about the UK test!

this one makes me slightly irrationally ragey, but I'm sharing it anyway

 photo 866de425-8336-4c63-9efd-1c4dd8bf0e62_zpsafe0d56b.jpg


  1. Okay, so I'd say about 80% of the 40 Things Only American Expats in London Will Understand applies for American Expats in GB overall! That was hilarious!

  2. I nearly sent that buzzfeed link to you yesterday haha!

  3. Haha, that Business Insider think made me thoroughly ragey. Glad I'm not alone. 1) Most of what she says is about big city vs. the midwest. It would all apply equally if she lived in NYC. 2) Most people in England do not live the life she describes. 3) People who move to a new country for some reason other than a love for that country and then bitch about the country annoy me. 4) People who don't have to struggle as much as I do to live in England and then who don't love it as much as I do piss me off, but that's my personal issues! 5) I get pissed off any time someone writes their view of a country or a city or of being an expat/immigrant as though it is authoritative fact.

    Ugh I just re-read it to make sure I still agreed with the above. It's horrible.

    Also, WTF is with the title, Business Insider? Best and.... WORSE? *sigh*. Sorry for commandeering your comments section with bitching. :)


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