Monday, November 18, 2013

To Live Greatly


In the grand scheme of things, I'm doing pretty well.  Regardless of the parts of my life that aren't ideal, I have a supportive family and loyal friends and a roof over my head.  I'd love for Jon to be here permanently already, but there are probably thousands of people around the world in a similar situation who don't have access to the resources we do to ease the frustration of separation.

If you're wondering where this is coming from, I'll tell you: I had a little talk with myself after publishing Saturday's post on gratitude because, all in a rush, everything I listed seemed horribly superficial considering what others have to be thankful for.

But everything is relative - that's basically my point today.  Everything's relative, and there's no reason to belittle our successes or underestimate our struggles.  Sure, it's good to keep things in perspective, but we all deal with the good and the bad at times.  I think it's important to remember that, no matter how small our troubles, disappointments, and triumphs may seem, we should always face them with grace.  After all, each little piece is but one that makes up a much larger whole and, on the balance, our lives should be lived greatly.

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  1. Ah, wonderful post! I think a lot of bloggers get slated for complaining and, within reason, I think people have every right to complain about their life every so often. Never talk about your struggles and you're not 'real' enough. Be real and all of a sudden you're a cow who doesn't realise how good they have it! Can't win. I personally thought your post was lovely and it would never have occurred that they were superficial things in the slightest!

  2. You're right - everything is relative. I had a hard time with that particularly visiting home from Gabon listening to people complain about this and that when it felt like what I was seeing and facing was so much worse. But it's relative and a difficulty is a difficulty just like a triumph is a triumph. We're all just walking on this path of life.

    (And I fully encourage being thankful for the seemingly superficial as it only feels superficial until it's no longer there!)

  3. I didn't think it was superficial at all. We all have our own burdens, and I think you bear waiting to be with Jon much more gracefully than I ever could. If Matt and I have to talk on the phone for a week, we basically want to kill each other. You guys are doing wonderfully!

  4. haha I promise I wasn't fishing there! it was mostly the thing about Jon's flight that I got very uncomfortably #firstworldproblems about. you know?

  5. We're all just walking on this path of life.

    YES. That, exactly.

  6. it is true! honestly, though, I almost never get pushback from my readers about that sort of thing - I get it from myself! I can't win with me, haha :)

  7. I have a very wise friend who has been a great comfort to me when I'm stressed out, often about "little things" or "not real problems"...she always says that just because your problems aren't (insert huge problem you could compare to here), it doesn't mean they don't matter. They affect you just as much and take the same balance and poise to get through. It's good to have perspective, but you are allowed to acknowledge problems too!

  8. great quote! and dont worry about being superficial we all have days where we think about the things more than the people who make our lives great. it's just good that you are grateful and aware of all the wonderful things in your life. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. You are ridiculous. Those thankfuls weren't superficial at all!
    You said you are grateful that you will be able to see Your Person- something for which you should never apologize. Being excited to see each other is both a reinforcement of your love and a note for those days when you've lived in the same home for years and he's driving you absolutely insane- you have every right to complain then, but you'll also be a smidgen thankful that you're so used to him around that he grates on your nerves!!
    You're thankful for your family- parents and Charlie. Just because you expressed this in words of biscuits and lazy mornings, those are symbolic of enjoying simple every day moments that we all take for granted, the ability to do so being a gift in itself.
    The kindness of strangers and generosity of friends are some of the greatest truths of humanity- that we can reach beyond ourselves and give our time and effort to others. Sure, notifying you of a vegetable's availability isn't on the same selfless scale as the people who ran to the aid of Boston Marathon victims, but there are millions of small things for every monumental act, and they all work to make the world a better place.

    Things are relative, true. Which means your small thing, superficial, trivial, whatever, could be someone else's pivotal moment. And I think you gift that back to the world tenfold.
    So have your tea and biscuits, and enjoy your salsify! They all mean nothing and everything all at once, and that's just how things go, isn't it?


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