Friday, November 1, 2013

Frock Fridays: City Style

Okay, true confession: I'm not actually sure what "city style" means.  I've lived in four of the world's most important cities, and not one of them has one definable style.  In London, the hipsters of Shoreditch would die before being confused with a Sloane Ranger and, according to the Sunday supplements, yummy mummy fashion is its own unique minefield.  New York's the same: the brands on 125th and Malcolm X are completely different to what you'll see 100 blocks south in Chelsea.  The only place I remember a slightly more homogenous style is Paris, but it's been a few years since I was last there and, just like with the other cities, what you wear depends heavily on your identity and location.

I think that DC is almost as diverse, fashion-wise, as any other major city though it's perhaps less experimental on a daily basis.  You'll find accessible high fashion - just check the dozens of local style blogs if you need to get your fix of open-toed booties, floral or camo skinny jeans, statement necklaces, and plaid worn with polka dots - but, for the most part, I don't see a lot adherence to trends.  Overall, the city is a bit more sartorially conservative, but a wide range of stylistic choices falls within that awareness of what's appropriate.

Most of my friends would agree that weekend city style in Washington means wearing what makes you feel confident and low-key at the same time; it means being comfortable in flattering shapes and low-maintenance fabrics in which you could either head out for coffee or a beer depending on the time of day.  For me (and Charlie), it might look like this:

All that being said, I always thought that haute couture was a universal thing.  I don't really follow fashion week news but from street style snaps, paparazzi photos of the front row, and the runway shows themselves, everything at that trend and price point seems like it transcends location.  New Look recently sent me this infographic about the world's four biggest Fashion Weeks, though, and it seems I was wrong.  (I was compensated for including it in today's post, but it's definitely relevant to av's link-up theme for the week!)  There are differences in terms of the clothes, which I guess I should have expected, but one of the things that jumped out to me is that London has the fewest number of shows but the biggest media presence!  It's the newest of these four but it's catching up pretty quickly... maybe I should pay more attention to this sort of thing if I truly want to be transatlantic!



  1. what a cool infographic! and love the look you put together!

  2. I love those hobo bags from Target! They're the perfect size for bringing a book and the usual small necessities along on the train.

  3. What a fun post, it has been interesting to see my own style evolve since moving to Sweden. Down south things were much more preppy which I stuck out in but now up north both my and Fredrik's own style fits in better but there are times when you can really see my American style shining through!

  4. Love that outfit! That dress is adorable and the boots are perfect for adding some edge to the feminine dress. I know what you mean about city style, though. San Francisco is the same way - "city style" here just means "your own personal style" which is awesome. :)

    Have a great weekend! xo

  5. Oh I love the dress, but especially the blazer - such a nice color for fall and it will perk up any outfit (and make it work appropriate!).

    jess | Quaintrelle

  6. Love the outfit!! Especially the dress!

  7. Love the blazer! Such a nice warm color. And it makes me want to go fill up my wine glass :)

  8. When I think of "city style" I think of tailored, business casual, maybe with a trendy element or two, but not necessarily overtly on-trend. Something like this: or this: And then, I wish I had a reason to look like those people because I am in suburbia and have no reason to look quite so polished. :)


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