Thursday, October 17, 2013

Survey Two Thousand Thirteen

Thank you so much, dear readers, for helping me with my blog survey!  I was totally overwhelmed by the response - over 100 of you came to tell me about yourselves and to give me feedback, and I appreciate it more than you can know.   I'd especially like to thank everyone who filled out the comment boxes with suggestions and constructive criticism.  (I've pasted some of the most inspiring at the bottom of this post because they're too good to keep to myself!)  Regardless of whether or not you consider me a lifestyle blog or an expat blog or a combination of the two, I think you'll agree that I'm in an over-saturated market and it's incredibly encouraging to know that you choose to spend your limited time and energy with me.  I blog for you as well as for myself, so it's really helpful to know what keeps you coming back and what you're most (or least) excited to read here.

That being said, one of the things I found fascinating about your comments is that they indicated a very diverse readership!  Some of you love the Charlie posts, some of you don't.  (Thank you to the reader who pointed out that "It's like kids - you love your own but other people's aren't that interesting!")  And, as I read through your favorite post topics and least favorite post topics, I remembered something that The Lady Okie blogged about recently: you don't read all of my posts and that's okay.  She wrote, "No one can be interested in all the things... We have our likes and dislikes.  It's what makes us who we are."  If you go read her post, which I definitely recommend, you'll see the five types of posts she skips on even her favorite blogs plus 49 comments on the ones her readers skip.  We all do it, and that's not a indication of a bad blog or a bad blogger!  It just means that bloggers can't be all the things to all the people all the time.

So some of the most valuable comments were the ones explaining how the posts I write that aren't relevant to all of my readers - like the ones on running or planning a wedding - can be made appealing to a broader audience.  You guys are pretty clever, aren't you?  I really do consider myself lucky that I have you.  Without further ado, then, let's find out who you are!

I don't really understand the constant need to label yourself as an 'expat' or a 'repat.'  You moved to London; you moved back to DC.  There's no need to dress it up with fancy words.

I like the stories about Jon's visa process, but I feel that since you're in DC now the blogs on what you did while expatriating (or processes that you went through) risk sounding a little dated. However, I do like when you discuss the differences between life there and life here.

I would love to hear more about the best places to eat/visit in DC. I don't make it into the city that often, and when I do I prefer to do things that aren't overflowing with tourists.

While I am in law school I am long-distance from my boyfriend of three years and I find it so comforting to hear how other people get through it.

I'm just not always as engaged with the posts about living or working abroad, or being in an LDR, because those things don't fit anywhere in my life right now, so it's hard for me to connect. However, I will still read the posts as entertainment, so I'm not saying stop writing them!

(regarding style posts) I'd read fashion blogs for this. I'm more interested in you.

I really like hearing your opinions on current issues. I know it can be a "touchy" subject sometimes, but it's something I really enjoy! I realize this may be hard to blog about, but I'm also very curious about your academic and job experiences.

Just want you to know that your post "I believe" made me feel like I'm not alone in my beliefs. If I could have high-fived you over the interwebs I totally would have. Well written and honest blogs are the reason I keep coming back.

I like to read blogs that expose some vulnerability... blogging is an outlet and a way to find like minded individuals... if there is no personal insight, I find it boring.

You have a blog to share right? It makes me uncomfortable when you make a big deal about not sharing something to make someone else comfortable. Just don't and don't say why. Own it!

I think your content is appropriate as long as you're still in your own comfort zone. I always assume if a blogger omits information, its on purpose, and not my place to pry.

(In case you're curious, you can find my 2012 survey here)

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  1. she - I'm assuming it's a she - has a very good point! it's definitely something I struggle with when I sit down to define this blog and the kind of blogging I do (and the blogging circles I do travel in or should travel in, but that topic is a potential land mine so I'll leave it there for now...)

    but yes, I AM very fancy regardless :)

  2. haha I think my readers know that I've got a combative streak so I welcome feedback like this :)

    don't get me wrong, I love all of the "YOU ARE THE BEST EVER" comments I got and Camilla's comment ("boobies") was also excellent, but the ones above (and others like them) are the ones that help me grow.

  3. Ooohhh, I recognize some of my comments! I love posts about Charlie. So, I think you should set up a separate blog, solely about Charlie, all for me. Ok thanks!

  4. ah - I hope it's okay that I shared? I tried to keep all the comments anonymous! you outed yourself :P

    p.s. my Charlie blog is also known as my Instagram... haha!

  5. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your response. Makes me want to do a survey of my own! And thanks SO much for the shout out! You know I love your running posts :)

  6. you made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about not reading all the posts on my favorite blogs! now I know I'm not alone :)

  7. This is very cool - I didn't take the survey, but I'll all the least favorite posts are my favorite ones, lol!


  8. I love how you shared the results! I did a survey a few months ago and it was really enlightening, albeit I got really mixed reviews on everything so when I tallied it all up, basically everyone was a mix bag. Next time I'll have to keep it up and active for longer to get more participation like you did!

  9. haha see? diverse! don't worry, I'll still do them - I might just change up the approach!

  10. I think it can be hard for bloggers to be okay with writing posts that not everyone will want to read, but that's life! It's fun to hear what people like and don't, esp when they fill out the comment boxes too :P

  11. Umm, I just want to pop in to say KEEP UP THE RUNNING POSTS. :) Because I love them.

  12. Well, everyone can have fun trying to figure out which ones are mine :) I definitely don't mind you sharing the comments.

  13. I love hearing about Charlie, and everybody else can suck it. Love you and all that you do.

  14. hey now, it's okay if not everyone is a Charlie post fan! I bet there ARE some things I do that you don't love that other people love :P

    (but WOO for your enthusiasm and thank you!)

  15. I really love what you said about not being able to write for all the people, all the time. I think we struggle with that as bloggers, but it's really okay! Some people will like one type of post, some will like others. As long as people come back then it's fine. I know nothing of running so a lot of it is lost on me, but I still get excited for you when you accomplish something new and feel bad if it doesn't go your way. The human connection is just as important as the topic.

  16. OH MY GOD HOW CAN YOU SEE THAT? you have super eyes. and I'm going to have to fix it because now I know it's there and I can't live with that. UGH. (but yes. office is NOT conducive to making pretty graphics. maybe that's why most people use photoshop?)

    YAY THANK YOU! and yes. I have. I have no idea how it happened, but I feel SO privileged to have readers who will give me honesty as well as love - and sometimes even at the same time!

  17. I love your style posts and I cannot believe more people do not, but that is what is great about blogging everyone can find something they like and it is easy to skip what you do not want to read about!

  18. I was totally looking at the comments Betsy shared, trying to figure out if any of them were mine. Two of them sounded like something I would say, but I just don't remember!

  19. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the people who told you I don't read all your posts. I LOVE your blog, I hope that's obvious, but I still sometimes skip posts. This is true for all the blogs I follow, especially the ones who post more than 3 or 4 times a week. I know that my book reviews get way less page views than the rest of my posts, but I keep writing them because a) I've started getting free books in exchange for reviews :D :D :D and b) I just really love books, and I want to document all the ones I read.

    Basically, YOU KEEP DOING YOU, and it will all be good.

  20. Keep being you! I love what both you and The Lady Okie wrote about skipping posts - not everyone has to love every post all of the time. In the end, sure, we want readers, but I'd rather have the engaged ones who comment than a zillion who just click over, skim, and disappear without leaving any signs of life, not even a like or a star rating, the crop circles of WordPress and Disqus.

  21. I am easy to please so no complaints from me. I am just a little overexcitable. I am desperate for a dog, but until we get one I have to tide myself over with other people's dogs like Charlie.


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