Saturday, September 21, 2013

Presenting: My Maid of Honor's Speech

I feel a little awkward publishing this because - well, it sort of feels arrogant, like I'm telling you all how great I am.  But it's actually about how wonderful my sister is, and that's something I definitely want to share with you.  You knew that already, obviously, but it's worth repeating.

Though we haven't yet gotten our official photos back from Tarah, I've already seen nearly a dozen candids of me crying during the speeches at our wedding reception.  In British tradition, wedding toasts are given by three men: the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man.  We went a little modern, and opened things with my sister's speech.  (Pappy, my grandfather, spoke too, and his minimalist style earned him tears and cheers from everyone present.)

I was blinking away tears from my eyes through most of the ceremony - I'm told that everyone enjoyed it when I paused the registrar so I could pull a handkerchief from my pocket before we said our vows - and, as you can see in the second photo here, I often had to concentrate very hard on not crying with happiness.  All bets were off for the speeches, though, and I started welling up all over again when Sarah took the mic.

She's given me permission to reprint her speech here.  I dare you not to reach for the tissues too; it's the sweetest thing I've ever heard, and rereading it only makes it dearer.  Sarah, I love you.  Thank you for letting me post your amazing speech and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my sister, my friend, and the best Maid of Honor ever!

photo by my friend Sara

Hello everyone - I'm Sarah, Betsy's younger sister.  As most of you probably know, when growing up in a household with two girls, the Disney princesses are everything - we worship each one and try to emulate their every move, hoping that one day we, too, might turn into a princess.

I am here today to let you all in on a little secret - something I've known about for years but will fully disclose to closest friends and family - Betsy is, and always has been, a princess.

Calling upon our most trusty guides and the most common points of reference, here is my proof.

When it comes to books and literary prowess, Belle reads like a third-grader compared to my sister.

Betsy's confidence and selfless desire to put herself ahead of loved ones blows Mulan out of the water.

Cinderealla really doesn't apply here, because let's face it - how many other people do you know who would leave a size 11 glass slipper behind - not much mystery there...

Like Jasmine, Betsy has always had Raja by her side - first with our beloved Snickers and now Charlie.

And, on that note, Snow White's got nothing on my sister's ability to communicate with animals, a trait I'm actually quite confident she got from our mother.

Betsy's curiosity and desire to always get more out of life makes Ariel's quest seem foolish.

And if you needed further assurance still, just look to Betsy's side and see her Prince Charming.  Jon, you are the final piece to the puzzle, and there can no longer be any doubt in anyone's mind that Betsy, my dear friend and sister, is a true princess.


  1. O that is so sweet and creative, we did not have speeches at our wedding due to language differences but sometimes I do wish we would have to see what people would have said!

  2. Love this! The speeches were one of the favorite parts of my wedding!

  3. That's really cute and sweet!!

  4. Okay, that got me. I'm a Disney sucker to begin with but that's so sweet!! Love it!

  5. What a lovely speech. It would have been enough to set me off crying and I have no connection to either of you! Bookmarking it for when my sister has to write a speech for my wedding, ha.

  6. P.S. Because I've been AWOL for so long I never actually congratulated you on your wedding. It looks like it was a beautiful day!

  7. That is so sweet and so well-written!

  8. Oh wow! WOW WOW WOW! That was such a beautiful and clever tribute to you Princess Betsy x

  9. That is SO sweet! I love how it's so incredibly thoughtful - and short! Perfect!!!


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