Thursday, September 19, 2013

Control Alt Delete

Dear readers, thank you so much for welcoming Belle so warmly yesterday!  It looks like some of you really engaged with her corresponding post on her own blog - I'm thrilled that you're getting to know her.

As for me, I'm still sick.  (I got this plague from my mom who got it from my dad and, somehow, Jon has the same exact thing right now, proving that we really are family.)  To add insult to injury, I've been having major computer problems.  Long story short, my laptop was kept at the Apple Store for a few days while they figured out what was wrong with it; its hard drive had to be replaced and I just got it back this morning.   I haven't lost anything, but my external hard drive is at my apartment and I'm still being pathetic at my parents' house, so I don't have anything I need, really, to be a functioning human being.  Plus, honestly, I'm not recovered enough to try to to reset everything to the way I'm used to.  I'm afraid that, in a virus-inpired moment of delirium, I'll accidentally click a button that can't be unclicked and you'll read this in Swahili.  Or something.

I should probably stop typing now, shouldn't I, before this gets any worse?  In the absence of the post that should have been published today, I give you a a video that's been making the rounds recently - I have tissues next to me anyway, of course, but you should probably get some before you watch.


  1. Way to make me all choked up whilst waiting on the mechanic.

    Feel better!!

  2. Get better! Been in that boat, and in such cases, I must always advise watching all the Netflix would can take in...or any Woody Allen film.

  3. Aww Betsy! I hope you feel better soon! Lots of love and hugs xxx

  4. Ugh, Betsy! People keep sending me adorable videos, warning me that I'll cry, and I always think, "nah, I'm sure it's sweet, but not gonna do it." Cue tearfest.

    I hope you feel better soon! Glad you're with your parents; it's so lovely to have someone to take care of you when you're sick.

  5. So, you weren't kidding, as tears stream down my face.

  6. haha I know I cry at everything, but this is worth it :)

  7. That clips breaks my heart and makes me happy at the same time.
    Since you wrote this post five days ago (I'm about five days behind on life at the moment), I'm hoping that you are all better now, but just in case you aren't, get better soon! x


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