Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sunday Currently VIII

What a weekend! I'm back in DC now, but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you'll have been bombarded with bits and pieces from my two days in New York - I went up for my five-year college reunion, and it was so wonderful to wander around my old stomping grounds and see dear friends. I hadn't been to the city in a few months, so I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to walk everywhere and reacquaint myself with familiar neighborhoods. (It was beautiful but it was also hot, and the tops of my shoulders are a little pinker than I'd like!)  I've written this post in caught moments throughout the day so it won't seem chronological at all, but I'll tell you all about the trip with today's Sunday Currently, shall I?


reading... trashy tabloid magazines on the way home.  BoltBus is supposed to have wifi, but neither the internet nor the outlets were working on my bus, so I took a 2 hour nap and then caught upon important world news.  Honestly, I'm delighted Miley and Liam have broken up! She's way too immature to get married.

writing... next week's blog posts.  I've got plans most evenings so won't have time to prepare them and would rather spend the time I do have on catching up on your blogs!

listening... to the rumble of thunder around my parents' house but remembering the ambient noise of Manhattan. Even from 20 floors up, you can hear the honks of taxis, the sputter of trucks' exhausts, and the squeal of indignant brakes weaving through the hum of human activity.

thinking... about what Columbia meant to me.  You can't really say I felt a resurgence of school pride when I stepped on to campus on Saturday morning because I don't remember ever being very rah rah as a student, but my heart definitely swelled with gratitude and love for the four years I spent as an undergraduate there.

smelling... the lemon scent of the magnificent southern magnolia tree in the front yard.  Those huge waxy blossoms always signal the start of summer for me.

wishing... that I had stopped at Koronet's last night for a 2000 calorie piece of pizza after the festivities ended like we used to do in college.  I grabbed a slice of Sbarro's before getting on the bus today, but it wasn't nearly the same.

hoping... that Jon will be able to come with me to my ten-year reunion.  I want to share this place and these memories with him!

wearing... the Coast dress I bought for two weddings last spring.  The first time I wore it, in April 2012, I had to squeeze into full-body Spanx before zipping it up; last night I felt totally confident without anything extra.  I plan on wearing it for another wedding this July, but hopefully it'll be too big on me after that!

loving... who I became because of Columbia.  The four years I spent there weren't perfect and I made plenty of mistakes, but I learned from every one of my experiences and they brought me to where I am today, five years after graduating.

wanting... to be able to party like I did in college! I was home soon after midnight, long before the dance floor emptied, and asleep by 1am last night.  I held my own while I was on campus, but one thing I have learned since 2008 is that when I'm done for the evening, the best thing for everyone concerned is that I head to bed.

needing... to hit the drugstore to stock up on Benadryl and antihistamine cream - I had dinner outside with a friend and her family in Connecticut on Friday night and I got my first (eight) mosquito bites of the summer!  Ouch.

feeling... very old and, at the same time, very young.  There were two dinners on the plaza last night, one for the class of 2008 and the other for the class of 2003.  We realized that, when we're in the ten-year reunion tent, the kids who graduated this spring will be where we were.  How crazy is that?

clicking... through my Evernote notebook of saved links and blog ideas.  It's June 2 and I still have holes in this month's editorial calendar, and I want to have every post (or break day) mapped out before I turn in for the night tonight!  Onwards and upwards...

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  1. I seriously need you to teach me your ways when it comes to this editorial calendar thing. I'm so spur of the moment! I love hearing about your trip. I'm still very jealous, but we'll do NYC together one day!

  2. So happy to hear you had such a good time at your reunion!! And congratulations on going Spanx free! I was wearing them on Saturday on a rooftop bar and oh my -- they were not meant for the heat! And... I'm so impressed you know what you will be writing about a month ahead of time! My editorial calendar tends to go about one week out, but I'm starting to think planning longer stretches would be better.

  3. It looked like a great weekend and the campus looks beautiful! I always feel a sense of pride when I'm near my old University. Now that I think of it, I just love the whole air about an institute for higher education. There's something that feels so darn good when you're at a place where everyone is aspiring to be and learn something more!

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  6. Bailie @ The Hemborg WifeJune 3, 2013 at 7:11 AM

    That is so interesting to hear about your reunion I honestly do not think my old school does one but I do plan on taking my husband to see it this year when we are visiting!

  7. Evernote is one of my favorite apps, especially when I'm on the go all the time and not using the same device! & I learned the same lesson at my 2-year college little time has passed, but my bedtime refuses to budge beyond 11pm without disastrous results. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  8. THANK YOU! and yes - it was supremely comfortable not to have to deal with them which, honestly, probably contributed more to me looking good in the dress than the weight loss :P

  9. hey, what works for me might not work for you! I love your spontaneity :) it keeps your blog so real!

  10. yes! I really felt like I could go on and do anything and be anyone. glad you get that too :)

  11. I thought this was a totally normal thing but so many people have been telling me it isn't! but it's wonderful to go back regardless.

  12. I don't use Evernote to its full potential and I still love it! thank goodness for synching between devices :)

  13. i am headed to NYC for the first time EVER in november, for one of my friend's bachelorette parties. just reading some of your descriptions has me beyond excited (even moreso than before).

    i need to get into evernote - i downloaded it ages ago & have still yet to really use it.

  14. Yay for college reunions! My five-year was last summer, and although it actually wasn't as wonderfully amazing as I wanted it to be, it did bring back lots of memories about how special that place was to me. It's crazy to think about being in the ten-year group one day! Ahhh!!

  15. This line right here, "when I'm done for the evening, the best thing for everyone concerned is that I head to bed" sums me up perfectly :)


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