Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Vlog


new apartment posts: here and here and here
(the post for my Nana will be published tomorrow!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there - I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, dear readers! 


  1. That was a sweet story! And I must say, you're a very professional vlogger, you should do it more often. Have a great mother's day with your mom!

  2. I really liked that story. I have never thought about preparing for life changes in that way before and I really want to try it. The unknown freaks me out a LOT so it seems like really thinking about how the changes will pan out and affect my life in every way would be so helpful.

    Have a great weekend with your mom and family! I also think you should vlog more often :)

  3. haha thank you! I actually really like vlogging - I'm such a narcissist :P

  4. my mother is very wise :) have a great weekend, friend!

  5. Love this way of thinking! Hope you are having fun at your weekend house :)

  6. Holy crap.

    I rearranged my room all the time growing up, particularly after I finally got my OWN room the summer after 7th grade. I had a graph paper floorplan with moveable graph paper furniture, too! Mine was to scale. And the furniture was colored. But I also saved the pieces for the next rearrangement, so I didn't do all that work for a single use!
    Paul and I had our furniture in our Idaho house arranged just fine. Then when we were trying to sell it, we did the whole pare down, depersonalize, etc., and ended up rearranging the living room as a result. The new arrangement was so. much. better. We were both quite chagrined that we only lived with that new arrangement for a couple of months, but it did reestablish that moving furniture is NOT a big deal, and not permanent- after all, if you move it and it sucks, it can always go back! Really, it's such a simple, low-effort thing that can truly change how you enjoy your space.

    And it's a GREAT metaphor!
    Happy Mother's Day to your mom! (Is it Mother's, or Mothers'? I never know.)

  7. AND Happy Mother's Day to you, Charlie's Mama!!

  8. haha yay thank you! Charlie is lording it up :)

  9. Sounds like such a fun way to plan out a room! I love how you made your mom's advice work for other aspects in life. I think it's great advice to live by!

  10. What a great life approach! Your Mother's Day vlog was really sweet. It's fun when bloggers do videos, too!

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  12. Loved the photo of your mom's surprised face. Good work capturing the moment. :)


    and whoa nelly you are intense. but I expect nothing less :) the same thing happened in the first apartment I lived in with Jon and the boys - we had to rearrange the living room after Christmas to accomodate John's new Wii Connect (or whatever it's called) and the new layout was so much better! of course I'd never admit that to them because we only did it for the video games...

  14. That was a great metaphor, in my opinion! I love this vlog.

  15. Love this. Hope y'all had a great day!

  16. haha yay! yes they are - I think I need her more now than I did when I was little!


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