Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sunday Currently VII

DC, I am in you!  That's right, dear readers; I've returned from England and moved from my parents' house in the suburbs to Washington proper.  If you're following me on Instagram, you've probably seen bits and pieces of my new apartment, but I can't wait to share details and "before" and "in progress" photos alongside a narrative with you.  (The "after" photos are still quite a way away!)  First, though, I'll blog about my trip to London and Suffok, so the apartment posts will be published next week.  But because the move is consuming my life at the moment as it was the last time I did one of these...


reading... Apartment Therapy, The Inspired Room, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart - I'm in full-on nesting mode!

writing... to-do lists and a weekly meal plan!  There are a few details that still need to be sorted out for the apartment, like arranging internet and cable and confirming a schedule with the dog walker, plus I'm heading back to my parents' house this afternoon to pick up the pieces that haven't yet made its way over to the apartment.  Mom took me grocery shopping yesterday to pick up some staples (thank you, Mü!) so I don't have to worry about stocking the fridge, but I am focusing on meal planning today - since I'm only cooking for myself now, having most of the week's meals written out will help keep me healthy, stop me from wasting food, and manage my budget!  For some reason, I was really picky when searching for a weekly meal planner, but I finally found this one from the Container Store and I love it.

listening... to doors close and dogs bark in my apartment building.  After four years of living in dorms and apartments in New York, I don't really notice the noise of neighbors, but Charlie's not used to it and the sounds haven't quite faded into the background yet for him.  He thinks that every turning lock is someone coming to invade us and that every jingling leash is a potential visitor, so there was a lot of restlessness on Friday night.  He was okay yesterday, but it might take a while for him to totally relax into the new apartment.

thinking... about how surprisingly easy the move was.  With my mom's help, we were completely ready when the movers arrived at 2:30 on Friday afternoon, but even so it went surprisingly smoothly and speedily.  (If you're in the DC area and you need help moving, contact Suburban Solutions - I can't recommend them enough!)  I felt totally comfortable and at home by the time my parents left around 9:30 on Friday night, and we mostly just spent yesterday unpacking and putting together some final touches.  I guess I really was ready for this move in every sense despite my anxiety!

smelling... the lily of the valley sachets we bought at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday that Mom tucked into a few corners.  (I can't find a direct link on the store's abysmal website, but here's the one for the company that makes them.)  There's one in the "bedroom" closet, one in the bathroom, and one in my top drawer.  The breeze from the open windows is wafting it throughout the apartment - it's so fresh and springy!

wishing... that I knew exactly how to manage my new budget. The biggest change, unsurprisingly, is that I wasn't paying rent at all when I was living with my parents and now I am.  (A higher percentage of my take-home pay is going to rent than is recommended even for big city living, but, happily, all utilities except internet/cable are included and the peace of mind of not having to worry about that on top of the rent check is priceless!)  I've signed up for (and my friend Megan recommends You Need A Budget, if you want to check out another site) and I know that there's always a learning curve to this sort of thing, but I wish I were on the other side of gaining the necessary painful experience already.

hoping... that Charlie's separation anxiety fades quickly.  He had it pretty badly when we first got him, which was understandable because he was a rescue, but after a month or so we could leave him at home alone for a little while without coming home to a disaster zone.  I'm nervous to leave Charlie in the apartment at the moment because it's discombobulating for him to be in a new space by himself and I'm afraid he'll go on a spree of destruction, so I've been weaning him into getting used to my absences by leaving for just a few minutes at a time so he understand that I will always come back, even to this new place.  But for now his crying when I close the door behind me is heartbreaking!

wearing... a jersey summer dress!  I took the opportunity when I moved to pack away my winter clothes and switch my new closet into warmer seasons, and it's so fun to be reunited with dresses that I haven't worn in months.  I actually tried everything on before I boxed it up for the move, and I ended up with three bags of too-big clothes and shoes I don't wear anymore for Goodwill - it's the best feeling.

loving...  my new apartment.  Sorry, I know I keep saying that, but it's true!  As I said to Gesci the other day, this feels like my first grown-up apartment.  The two London places I lived in when I was doing my MA in London were shared student flats and then the first place Jon and I shared with two other boys when I moved over the second time to work was, despite my best efforts, also very student-y and masculine.  (That's the most diplomatic way I can put it, but you'll know exactly what I mean if you've ever lived with guys in their early 20s who don't have full-time jobs.)  My studio in London was lovely, but it was a completely different situation.  This - this is my first grown-up apartment and I love it.

wanting... Jon to move to the US soon so I can share all of this with him!  He won't be here until spring 2014 because of the visa process, but I can't wait until this is our apartment.  (On that note, I feel slightly awkward when I say "our apartment" now.  Do I mean it's mine and Charlie's?  Or that it will be mine and Jon's?  I think it's both at the same time, somehow.  Regardless, I'm definitely not alone!)

needing... nothing, at the moment, and I'm beyond grateful.

feeling... so comfortable and at home.  I might feel a bit jarred when I start work again tomorrow and jump headfirst into my new routine, but waking up in this apartment both yesterday and today has felt totally natural.

clicking... through Bloglovin'.  (No, this isn't really relevant to the move, though I can't think of a more "comfortable at home" thing to do!)  I'd caught up on my blogs by the time I boarded the plane at Heathrow on Thursday - well, I'd skimmed the past few weeks' worth of posts published by each one I follow - so am technically still a few days behind, but last night I switched them all over from my Blogger dashboard to Bloglovin'.  (I never read blogs on Google Reader, but I'm afraid that GFC might go, too, so I just took the plunge.)  I also then unfollowed every blog on GFC because I get irrationally angry at the idea of bloggers broadcasting a number of followers that's inflated by people following on more than multiple platforms.  This evening, I plan on settling in with a cup of tea and exploring how the site works!

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  1. So THAT'S why I'm missing a follower on GFC this morning! =P (I only noticed because I went from 402 to 401. I don't obsess over the number, it just hasn't changed in a while! lol) I can't wait to see pictures of your new apartment.

  2. Based on your instagram photos, your new apartment looks adorable. So glad you're feeling at home in it already! I can't wait for when you share it with that man of yours :) You'll get through the time apart, and then it will be even more special to live together!

  3. Yay, it sounds like your new apartment is off to a great start!! I can't believe that you already have cozy little areas set up! I am very impressed. I definitely need to do more work getting settled in to our new place. Can't wait to see more! You will definitely love your new neighborhood. :)

  4. Yay for new apartment love!! We've never dealt with separation anxiety, but we also crate trained both goobers from the start, and I've heard that can help, since they have the same "safe" space. Was Charlie crate trained? If yes, and if he doesn't seem to adjust, perhaps having a crate would help, although that can be a lot of space to hand over in a small apartment!! (And not necessarily shut him in it; we haven't kept doors on our crates in years. Just a "safe space" for them.)
    And I am seriously excited to see your new apartment. IN PERSON! But I'll settle for the blog until then ;)

  5. haha yes! I was confused too because I lost a follower overnight... and then I realized I had been following myself. whoops :)

  6. thank you! I don't know how long we'll share this exact apartment, but we'll be in it together for a bit and I'm hoping he'll fall in love with the neighborhood at least!

  7. it's easy/fast to set up a studio, I guess! not so much space :) but also I'd been playing with the floorplan for weeks, so! hope you're enjoying the 'burbs?

  8. I'm trying! he's SO invasive - he makes it hard to ignore him. cheeky! thank you :)

  9. he wasn't crate trained - we tried when we got him but he was already 16 months and it didn't really work. (we probably could have tried harder, to be fair...) but YAY when's your next DC visit?

  10. Your apartment looks adorable (yes, peeking on Instagram!), so excited for you, and love the area you are in, it is near and dear to my heart :)

  11. Personally, I love BlogLovin. It's how I've always followed blogs, and it makes it so much easier to find what I want. Though, the site can be confusing at times if you want to see someone else's post you don't follow. I love that you can break the blogs up into folders too so if you want to read a specific type of post it's super easy to find!

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  13. I'm so incredibly excited for you and this new journey! I love following along on instagram. I hope that charlie feels at home!

  14. I can't wait to see your new apartment pics! I saw the one you tweeted of the coral and blue walls and it looks so pretty :)

  15. I am loving your new apartment too! Last time I walked through some DC neighborhoods I started dreaming about how amazing it would be to live in one of these fabulous places and walk around/shop/work there as part of my daily life. And it sounded rather good. Also, I love the reorganizing and redecorating and fun stuff that always comes with a move. So keep that vicarious city moving and living coming!

  16. do you know, I was SO NERVOUS when picking the colors - but I love them!

  17. why thank you! I picked this neighborhood in part because I thought Jon would like it too - he wants something a bit more urban than I'd usually go for - and I'm SO glad I did :)

  18. it's strange, but i really do love 'neighbor noise,' which is good, since justin & i live in an apartment where you can here all the comings & goings of those around you. i don't know why i like it - i guess i find it soothing, knowing there are others so close by.


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