Friday, March 29, 2013

Frock Fridays: Easter in East Anglia

For the past few weeks, I haven't been missing Jon quite as much as I had been before we got over the halfway mark in this stretch of long distance.  I mean, I have, but it hasn't been as painful and it hasn't manifested itself in counterproductive ways, like it was in February.  Now that we're inching towards seeing each other again - just three more weeks to go now! - everything seems a bit brighter.

That being said, I have been down a bit since I signed the lease on my new apartment.  This was something I had thought we'd be doing together, and every time I pick out furniture or compare paint colors I think, "This would be so much better if Jon were here."  He will be, eventually, and I'm mostly at peace with reality, but I do have to admit that sometimes it makes me a little sad!  Add to that the fact that it's Easter weekend and for the past few years I spent this time with Jon and his family, so a lot of lovely (though now bittersweet) memories have bubbled to the surface lately.

So I thought that, for today's Frock Fridays post, I'd try an alternate reality: what would I have packed in my weekend bag right now if I were on the train with Jon, pulling out of Liverpool Street Station and heading northeast to Suffolk?  Well, though spring has finally arrived in DC, it's still winter in much of England...

this is in Celsius - it translates to the upper 30s in Fahrenheit!

Easter clothes as shown in the JCPenney ads aren't an option given this weather, obviously, so let's stick with British brands, shall we?  This floral dress from New Look will work perfectly with its muted colors but lively pattern, and of course it'll be layered under a simple cardigan from Oasis and a pair of Wolford tights.  I'll stick with classic ballet flats (these are Tory Burch, which isn't English, but they're available at Harvey Nichols and I love her new flagship on Bond Street) so I can race the younger cousins for the best Easter eggs when we have our hunt on Sunday!  And we'll finish off with sweet heart earrings from Accessorize and a peach bow for my hair courtesy of Dorothy Perkins.  What this collage doesn't show, you'll notice, is the winter coat that I'd have to drag around with me all weekend if I actually were in Suffolk - but this is an alternate reality, so let's pretend it's a touch warmer there than the BBC says!

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, dear readers, if you celebrate the holiday - and, if you don't, think about taking a moment to refresh your soul over the next few days anyway.  It can only help!

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  1. Think you posted too soon! Always watching out for you friend ;)

  2. So gorgeous!! I love that colour combination. The dress is divine.

  3. Sounds like you're having Wisconsin weather this weekend, haha. Love the combination though, you'll be set for a coldish weekend :)


  4. oh no, you can keep it it Wisconsin! hehe :P

  5. I cannot even fathom weather that cold! It's been in the low to mid 70s this past week. I love that dress!

  6. I know! even our weather in DC (50s) is better than that - but I'll take your 70s, thank you :)


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