Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower Stationery with WPD

Your comments on yesterday's post are amazing, dear readers, and I'm so honored that you are comfortable sharing your thoughts and beliefs with me.  We will talk about it more, but let's take a break for something a bit more frivolous, shall we?  Here goes:

I love pink.  I love pink and sparkles and flowers and hearts and bows and - basically, I'm still a little girl not too far down in my soul!  Not surprisingly, though, Jon isn't.  He did agree that we could incorporate roses and corals and peaches into the color scheme for our wedding, but I had to promise not to overload the day with too much femininity.  Wedding blogs sometimes feature ceremonies and receptions that are styled with such girlish glee; I can't imagine a groom has been involved in the process at all!  They're always gorgeous events, of course, but I know that Jon would feel uncomfortable being overwhelmed by estrogen for a celebration that's just as much about him as it is about me.  That being said, I will definitely take all the girly touches I can get elsewhere throughout our engagement - and, on that note, I'm going to turn this post over to Wedding Paper Divas to tell us about bridal shower stationery!  You don't get to throw your own shower, of course, but you can always make sure your girls know that you like sugar and spice and everything nice...

While it is not proper pre-wedding etiquette for the bride to have a hand in planning her own shower, there’s nothing wrong with simply pointing your party planners in the right direction. After all, this is a once in a lifetime experience so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to supervise at least some of the details. And let’s face it ladies, not every maid of honor possesses your posh sense of style or party planning prowess, so sometimes a little nudge is necessary in order to keep your bridal shower from becoming a disaster. But if you feel uncomfortable asking her directly, you can always drop a few small hints about which color schemes and party themes appeal to your personality.

Or a great way to subtly suggest your style is by sharing a few of your favorite beautiful bridal shower invitations. Since invites set the tone for the event, your maid of honor can use their fashionable designs and gorgeous details as inspiration for everything from party décor to cuisine. And because shower stationery trends range from simple and modern to elegant and elaborate, you will have no trouble finding a fabulous invite that’s fit for either a sophisticated soiree or a casual affair.

But while there aren’t any rigid rules that outline how your bridal shower invitations should look, there are some not-so-flexible guidelines to follow when it comes to sending them out. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that showers are for the bride’s closest friends and family members. Therefore, the maid of honor should only invite ladies who are already attending the wedding. Also, it’s best to send invitations at least six weeks in advance of the party. This will give guests plenty of time to mark their calendars or make any necessary travel arrangements, and it’s close enough to the date of the bridal shower that it won’t slip anyone’s mind.

And lastly, once you get your maid of honor going in the right direction with some chic invitations— back off. This is a party that’s supposed to be thrown in your honor, not thrown by you. Plus, there’s nothing worse than a bridal shower backseat driver who nitpicks and micromanages every single detail. Up to this point you will have given her enough guidance, so have some faith that she’ll do everything she can to make this day extra special for you.

This is a sponsored post, though I do love Wedding Paper Divas anyway!


  1. I love Wedding Paper Divas - we may have to use them whenever we start thinking about throwing anniversary parties {is it too early to start planning more parties? our first anniversary is in four months} :D

  2. never too early! every time I see something that I want to incorporate into the wedding but it doesn't go, I file it away for a future party :)

  3. That's what I've been doing with my Pinterest boards - migrating everything I didn't use in the wedding into party boards :D

  4. I totally wanted pink everything too, and I still do! I wanted to incorporate pink into our home decor, but my hubby looked terrified at the thought! I get away with a bundle of pink roses or a pink pillow every now and again, but if I could, even my living room would be all glitter, hearts, and bows, too!

  5. haha yes I think accents are the key here :)

  6. I love Wedding Paper Divas! They have the most beautiful products.

  7. they do - they were a huge source of inspiration for our invites!

  8. We used Wedding Paper Divas for our invitations. Loved them!

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  10. We actually used WPD for our invitations! I need to find a picture and share them... I can't wait to see how you incorporate your pinks!


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