Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goodnight... I Love You.

Charlotte, a little girl I babysat in London; her mother's blog is here and the photographer is Rebecca Magaron

A few weeks ago, I was asked to babysit Lily and Jess, the girls I nannied for when I last lived in DC.  They had family in town and Lily, age 8, helped me sing her three year old cousin to sleep.  My heart almost burst with all the sweetness.

By the way, you still have two days to enter my giveaway for even more love!


  1. i absolutely love that song. this is so comforting! my friend & i used to sing this song in the car sometimes in high school, when we were having a bad day. it always reminded us that what we were worrying about was silly & insignificant.

  2. it is! my mom used to sing it to me when I went to sleep when I was little :)

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