Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Baby

Dear Jon,

If you are reading this post - which is highly unlikely, given how often you come here, but I do want to cover my bases - stop right now. Go watch this instead.

Love always,

I can't tell you how happy I was when I realized that a Venn diagram would perfectly explain this post.  Why craft sentences when two slightly-overlapping circles will tell the story just fine?  (This is a rhetorical question, by the way; there's no reason to not use a Venn diagram if the opportunity presents itself.)  But, since I am a blogger, let's throw in some words anyway.

Jon has a big birthday coming up in the spring and I'm going to give him an appropriately significant present for that - he knows what it is but you won't, dear readers, until closer to, as I must keep some things a surprise for you!  So I decided to give him a few smaller presents that he could unwrap on Christmas Day to draw out the excitement of the holiday.  Want to see?

Jon's Christmas presents

Even though the total cost of the littler gifts probably does add up to one big gift, I feel okay about how much I've spent because I spaced out the purchasing over the last two months; I bought one piece every pay period so I could budget more responsibly.

These aren't the most exciting presents, but Jon goes for practical gifts and experiences over anything else.  If he can't use it, eat/drink it, or make a memory from it, he's not interested.  (Taking him to Paris for a weekend for his birthday in the first year we were together may be why we're engaged now!)  So I'll just give you the thinking behind each piece quickly:

I love Jon in blue sweaters because they match his eyes.  He's going through an elbow patches phase. Check and check!

The box is a bit more enigmatic - I had some special photos made for Jon and I'm going to put the prints in this box, which I've d├ęcoupaged to reflect our long-distance status.

You might have seen my Instagram of the monogrammed passport case I bought Jon.  Since we travel so much, I thought it would be ideal!

And then two accessories for his beloved iPhone - a sturdy case to prevent a(nother) cracked screen and a spare battery to keep us in touch.  What a lucky guy, eh?

Speaking of lucky, I want to give a shout-out to Nicole's gratitude link-up today on Treasure Tromp.  It's important to remember everything that we already have, especially as we talk about what we want to receive this season!  Go check it out, and please join me in taking a minute today to appreciate what we have.


  1. Lucky Jon!

    I'm so antsy about Christmas because I just get really really excited for people to open their presents I got them. I may need to make a picture collage of presents just to have an outlet for all this excitement!

  2. 1. That video is hilarious. Especially the Irish grandma part.
    2. Venn diagrams = win.
    3. Paul's a practical-minded one as well. How boring for us, right??

  3. haha me too! did you see last year's John Lewis Christmas advert? think you'll like it :)

  4. a) I LOVE Dylan Moran. watch his other stuff, too!
    b) always.
    c) well, I didn't really mind the weekend in Paris... haha

  5. what great gift ideas! I am especially loving that sweater and passport case!

    And thanks for the shout out, lady!

  6. I love passport cases! I have one beautiful ostrich leather one from Smythson on Bond Street and I love it! You're such an amazing girlfriend btw. Jon is one lucky man! :)



  7. You may have just sold me on one of Nick's gifts! I saw the J. Crew battery pack but for some reason only thought they had girly ones. SCORE!! These are all great gifts. :)

  8. it's a lovely thing to have suggested! can't wait to click through the link-ups :)

  9. haha that's my one selfish gift - with that present, I'll always be able to reach him! muahahahahaha

  10. Jon got me a Smythson passport case last year - he saw it on my blog wishlist :) they're the best!

  11. Adorable! I love it!!!!

  12. This is so darn cute! I love your Venn Diagram (my boyfriend definitely doesn't read my blog that often, so I feel you on that one!)

    Love your picks - he will be very very lucky :)



  13. I like decking Gregory out in blue too. Anything to bring out the eyes :)

  14. Love your gift ideas - especially the photo box! Personalised gifts are always the best :) Since Jurgen and I are going away for a month this December, we're also only doing "stockings" for eachother. It's been so fun picking out lots of little things rather than one big thing!


  15. that's sweet! I know I have a problem with escalation, though... must remember that gift-giving isn't a competition! eek :/

  16. OMG!! I'm in love. That's amazing! (luckily Alex's bday is a week before christmas, so I get to give him a present and that settles me down for about 48 hours haha)

  17. Lobster Meets PeachDecember 11, 2012 at 8:16 AM

    Who doesn't love a good Venn Diagram!?! Great gift list - thanks!

  18. He should love all of his gifts! Although you set the gift-giving bar pretty high with that trip to Paris the first year you were together.

  19. man, I know. but last year we said we were doing small presents and then Jon got me something from Smythson so he definitely escalated things!


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