Monday, September 24, 2012

Rediscovery: London and Suffolk

As I mentioned the other day, we're going to have to space the retelling of my trip to England over the week.  There's just so much to share!  But before I start at the very beginning - the very best place to start* - I'm going to jump ahead to a conversation I had with a few lovely bloggers last Tuesday night.  (More on that tomorrow.  Hang tight.)  We were debating the most elegant way to include lots of photos in a post; one said she hated seeing image after image with no text, while another said that she found captions disruptive to the visual narrative.  I don't know what's proper, but I can't figure out how to format photos and text together in a way that doesn't annoy me, so I'm going to just break it all up into chunks.  A few of the photos have already been Instagrammed, but I tried to include as many unedited originals as possible.  Okay... let's go!

After an eight-hour flight (which included two glasses of wine, thirty minutes of a film, an Ambien, and seven hours of sleep), I dashed through security at Heathrow on Friday morning.  Jon met me at the airport - look at him up there; doesn't he look handsome? - and we tried to limit the PDA as we followed the Picadilly line north into central London.  We stopped at King's Cross for brunch, which is still a bit weird for me because, when I lived there in 2009, the area was a dilapidated mess, but it's undergone a massive redevelopment since and is now hoppin' and trendy.  We enjoyed a few hours at Jon's flat getting reacquainted and freshening up before heading back into town for a drink and our engagement session with Tarah Coonan.  (Again, more on that later, but know for now that it was perfect.)  We wandered around Shad Thames, one of our favorite places in London, and caught a few sights and a beautiful sunset.  In the evening, because I was afraid I'd get hit with the jetlag stick, we made our way back home for a quiet night in with a curry and a movie.

On Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and hied ourselves to Suffolk (passing by the Olympic Park on the way) to see Jon's family.  We spent a lovely luxurious day relaxing - except for the hour we spent picking blackberries, which was strenuous work and which obviously deserved the reward of a hearty roast dinner, which was accompanied by a "wine tasting" in the name of wedding planning.  We did manage to clear our heads on Sunday morning by heading out through the heath on a long run, and once we'd recovered from that we drove to Southwold, a neighboring resort town on the coast, and took a brisk walk.  (One of the things I love most about Jon's family is that their walks aren't for amateurs, but that a stop at a pub for refreshment is always included in the plan.)  Happily, I was able to catch the premiere of the third season of Downton Abbey in the evening - no spoilers here, though I will say that it was marvelous in exactly the non-threatening and blissful way you'd hope.

Monday morning was spent on wedding things - which you'll hear about on upcoming Wednesdays, so be patient - and then we took the train back to London.  Check back tomorrow to catch up on the rest of our week!

*10 points if you can name that movie


  1. I'm thrilled for you! The trip sounds and looks like it was absolutely lovely.

  2. Seven hours sleep on a flight? You are a lucky duck! I don't sleep on flights, and I'll never forget the hellish 8 hours I spent in a sleepless NyQuil fog.

  3. plan for plane passing-out: not enough sleep the night before, a run the morning of, a bit of alcohol to chase down (legal and doctor-prescribed) sleeping pills. It's taken me years to perfect this!

  4. The pics are amazing, I am so jealous! Every time I see London it's like the first time all over again!
    (cute striped shoes btw!)

  5. I love your dress in the last picture! That quote sounds SO familiar and it's on the tip of my tongue! I would love to go to Europe but the flight absolutely terrifies me :(

  6. Okay, spill the beans. WHERE IS THAT DRESS FROM?? The one in the last shot? I need it. Now.

  7. haha - it's from Lands End! I have that one in chambray and another in black cotton. They're so versatile!

  8. thank you :) for me, the only scary bits of the flight are the take-off and landing... which both happen no matter how long you're in the air for!

  9. Sound of Music!
    You two look very happy together in the photo in front of Tower Bridge :)
    (Please tell me it's Tower Bridge and I haven't flubbed it?)


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