Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest Post: Aspiring Kennedy

Lauren, who blogs over at Aspiring Kennedy, was one of the first major bloggers I met in real life.  (I don't know what my definition of a "major" blogger is, but she definitely qualifies!)  She occasionally has these amazing Four Sales, and last autumn I snagged a cute pair of glitter flats from her; when she emailed to suggest that she give me the shoes in person to save on postage since we were both in London, I almost fainted.  Seriously, I was that starstruck.  But, actually, Lauren's the loveliest lady - so down-to-earth and friendly, with tons o' fun stories and sisterly advice.  You should head over to her blog to see for yourself!



I'm Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy.

Like Betsy, I'm also an American
who has found herself living in London.

(Well, until she tragically left us, that is.)

So I live in London and I've been lucky to get to spend some time
bopping around several neighborhoods
before finally settling down into one we can call home.

Since we are now official residents of Notting Hill (eek!),
I feel it's only right to support the home team
and tell you of the #1 place you shouldn't miss
if ever you find yourself in London...
which I totally hope happens to you.

It's the Portobello Road Market!

Every Saturday morning, this street becomes packed,
(nay, alive!)
with Londoners and tourists alike.

Out come the antique stalls selling treasures of the past
and random objects that actually aren't so valuable.

Either way,
there is a ton to see,
a ton to eat,
and a ton of people to enjoy it with!

Come early and don't forget to stop by Arancina 
on your way in from the Notting Hill Gate tube stop.

Not only does it make amazing pizza,
but in the morning- you can get freshly made "bomba."

Yes, Italian donuts filled with ooey-gooey chocolate.



  1. Umm I may have to stop there whenever I get myself to England. :) Love your blog!!

  2. Oooh, I've been to London several times but have yet to make it to Portobello Road. Must put it on my list for the next adventure! (That's a never-ending compilation . . .) And bomba sounds all right by me.

  3. lauren's blog is one of my all-time favorites - i'm jealous you've gotten to meet her in person [and i would have been starstruck too!]

  4. do, definitely! just make sure to bring sharp elbows for the crowds :)

  5. haha so true - the list just grows, even as you get to know a city better!


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