Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning Has Broken

Okay, yes, this is a style post.  I know you loyal readers may be confused because it's not officially Frock Friday yet, but let's blame The Post Which We'll Forget Was Ever Accidentally Published for throwing off my whole blogging schedule, shall we?  Great.  Thanks.  Onwards.

{av} suggested we take inspiration from the sunset this week, but I'm going to tweak the theme a bit and go with some sunrise stylings.  Apparently, it's mostly just a myth that DC was built on a swamp; nonetheless, we seem to be prime real estate for mosquitos, who prefer to dine at dusk.  I have crazy reactions to bug bites, so I try to limit my time outside during the sunset hours to the walk home from the metro and then a jog around the block with Charlie.

Sunrise - ah, now sunrise is a different matter completely, especially on the weekends.  It's lucky that I'm more of a morning lark, because Charlie doesn't realize that I don't have to go to work every single day and so he very helpfully wakes me up around 6:30am seven days a week.  We have a routine now, even on the weekends: we cuddle a bit in bed before trotting down the stairs, and then he goes out to the back yard for his morning (ahem) activities while I make a pot of coffee.  After Charlie has had his breakfast, I take my mug out to the porch and ease myself into a rocking chair with my laptop while he chases rabbits in the garden, and together we welcome the morning each in our own way.

I don't live alone, so I can't be too deshabille even at that early hour - I've got to pick nightwear that's comfortable enough to sleep in but appropriate for a dash out to grab the newspaper from the drive.  I've learned that if I throw a cardigan on top rather than a robe, I can play the "oh, no, I'm totally dressed already" card in case I meet a neighbor.  And slippers that are just this side of sturdy are my insurance against Charlie going rogue on a squirrel.

sunrise stylings

How about you, dear readers - are you a lark or an owl?  Do you love greeting the day, as I do, or would you prefer to only see the sunrise at the end of a successful night out?


  1. For 10 years of living in DC I always thought it was built on a swamp, so funny to find out it wasn't!

  2. Ah i wish i was more of a morning person!! It is on my bucket list to do a sunrise series, be up for it every day one week...but i just know that love cuddles in bed with my cat more!!! :)
    Loved this post x

  3. That dress is super, super cute! I love it!

  4. I'm all about sunrises! I'm an early bird and being up as the sunrises is my favorite way to start they day. It's so peaceful and full of hope :)

  5. hmm, i'm definitely more of a night owl but when i do make the extra effort, i absolutely love watching the sunrise. i cannot think of a better start to the day. have a lovely weekend :) xx

  6. Love the idea behind this look! It's definitely super cute and stylish! I'm loving those slippers, and the pink and navy combo!

    Hope you have a seriously awesome weekend!

  7. i am loving that dress with the draping of the skirt, very cute. i am not an night owl nor a morning person so what category do i find in then???


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