Monday, August 20, 2012

Rights: Nothing More, Nothing Less

I've talked about politics on this blog before, but I had vowed to keep chatter about my liberal leanings to a minimum this year.  The forthcoming elections are so highly charged, and I wanted to keep that tension away from Betsy Transatlantically - not because it doesn't have a place here, but because I appreciate that some of my readers have differing views and it's hard to have an honest and open dialogue when there's only one name on the bottom of the post.  However, yesterday's disgraceful assertion by Rep. Tom Akin (R. Mo) has pushed me beyond respectful silence.  You'll find consideration for other opinions here still, certainly, but I will start using my voice.

This weekend marked the 92nd anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting any citizen from being denied the right to vote based on sex.  At the beginning of a new week, I hope to hear your voice, too.

photo taken August 2012


  1. I am still just dumbfounded. Really. I can't process his idiocy... being OUT of America has made me realize just how backwards our "progressive" country is- particularly when religion dictates our laws and basic human rights. How on earth does a country founded on the principle of religious freedom and the separation of church and state become more dictated by religious fundamentalists than a country who's entire public system is woven through a church?

  2. While I personally lean toward the right on many issues, I was repulsed and shocked by Akin's comments. It is precisely this sort of lunacy that paints the more moderate conservative's stances with the same crazy brush and undermines any attempt at rationality and reasonableness that any other conservative would try to make. Disappointing and outrageous.

  3. I feel the same way, I almost never talk politics with anyone but my immediate family however yesterday's comments were beyond vile. I'm amazed that there are people that believe that sort of thing here in 2012. It's truly shocking.

  4. Totally agree. When I started my blog, I wanted to talk about politics, but have since transitioned to lighter themes, but honestly I can't avoid it anymore either. My job is in politics, and I am sick over the current state of affairs. Rep. Akin's comments were atrocious. The Romney Ryan ticket, while very being perfectly quaffed and attractive to us ladies, has a abhorrible stance on women's rights in so many respects. Their stance on abortion, healthcare, equal pay, access to student loans. The list goes on and on why they would be a heinous pick for the white house.

    Honestly months ago, I wanted Romney to be the nominee. I have far too much respect for the institution to pull for a "weak" pick. I wanted this to be a choice election. I want the victorious ticket to win because they're good, not because they're slightly better than the other option. But this. This is crazy. The lies, the out of control spending. Our whole system is broken. Why do we want two choices on the extremes of their parties? Aren't most of us closer to the middle?

    Sorry, I could go on for hours. I really do appreciate seeing posts like this in the blog world. It's a nice departure from our normal happy go lucky, sparkles and leopard themed posts, that so many of us love to read and write (myself included).

    Thanks for this post Besty.

  5. He has disgusted me and brought me back to Clayton Williams gaffe in the 1990 TX governor race when he said that rape was kind of like the weather, "If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it". That was a horrible, shocking statement to make in 1990, it felt more like 1890, and now I cannot believe that in 2012 we're still hearing this crap!


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