Monday, July 2, 2012

Daylillies After The Storm

Even though I hate the consequences of storms like Friday's dechero, I love being in the midst of nature as it unveils itself in all its awesome glory.  That sort of overwhelming power seems to be a reminder that we are small and insignificant.  It's like God or Mother Earth or (insert deity here) is saying, "You can take me for granted and manipulate me all you want, but I'm in charge at the end of the day and you answer to me."

So we quake in our basements and we sweat in our beds, and then, in the morning, we appreciate even more the beauty of the world around us.

On our damage patrol, I noticed that my neighborhood is filled with daylillies.  I was ready to think that they were some sort of mystical flower for surviving the storm, but it turns out that that they're just very hardy, found all over the United States and sort of nothing special.  But, actually, the fact that this plant is completely common and yet so stunning in its vast array of colors makes me love them even more.

(no filter!)


  1. These are gorgeous, Betsy!! I love them.

  2. So pretty! Those storms this weekend were insane!! We were without power for a couple of days. Hope everything is getting back to normal up there!! Happy 4th!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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