Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Okay, yes, this is a blantant rip-off of Lauren's series but I've loved the idea ever since I first found her blog and since we're total besties already - I mean, we've exchanged emails which I'm pretty sure qualifies us to be bosom buddies - I don't think she'll mind.  So, without further ado, I give you:

reading  Suze Orman's 9 Steps to Financial Freedom. It's embarrassing how little I know about taking care of my money, and it's time to start making smart decisions.
watching Smash on NBC On Demand - it's a perfect summer drama!  I find myself singing snatches of the songs as I go about my day.  These two are my favorites.
eating spaghetti squash; last night I mixed it with leftover ratatouille for a quick and healthy dinner and today it will be topped with a diced avocado and a sprinkling of parm for a delicious cold lunch.
running every morning with Charlie through the park.  This morning we ran 2.4 miles in just over 37 minutes, though he would have liked to go faster.  He'll be a good training partner, I can tell!
listening to The Unthanks, a folk group from Northumberland, whose unadorned melodies are hauntingly beautiful.  I've had their album Here's the Tender Coming on repeat for weeks.
counting down the weeks until I get to visit Jon in England - we've done 6 and have 8.5 to go.  From 30 May to the September trip is the longest time we'll spend apart between now and the wedding next August. 
following the response to the Anne-Marie Slaughter article in a recent issue of The Atlantic on women, work, and having it all.  The feedback has been as fascinating as the original piece!
loving coming home from work to the sweetest dog in the world.  Charlie greeted me with such joy when I walked in the door, covering me with kisses and contorting himself around my legs.
hating mosquitoes!  Genetically modified anything makes me nervous, but I will be a happier girl if they can wipe out all mosquitoes everywhere.  They can't actually serve any evolutionary purpose, can they?

How about you, dear readers?  What are you up to currently?


  1. I love that you are reading Suze. I adore her. I actually used to write a pretty prolific personal finance blog (and still write it, but write a lot less). I learned so much from the PF blogosphere.

    Also, you like Smash? I didn't start watching because I hate Katherine McPhee for no apparent reason (but love Megan Hilty). But if people I trust say it's good...

  2. I love this! Totally going to copy. =)

  3. I love this too! I may have to copy it. I like Smash, and just listened to the Unthanks, they are good! Hang in there with the time between visits, just keep the end in sight :)

  4. Love this post! I am also obsessed with The Atlantic article about women having it all. I feel like I was duped as a child being told women could in fact "do it all." As an adult, I now realize how much my mother sacrificed by staying home with my sister and I. I know for a fact that we would not be nearly as successful had she not spent such a significant amount of time with us while we were growing up. As I start to think about these things myself it is scary knowing that chances are I can't be supermom and badass corporate executive and will have to figure out the best way to strike a perfect balance. Thanks for re-sharing that article, and you are absolutely spot-on, the reader commentary is brilliant!

  5. Helloooooo mosquitoes gave us Jurassic Park

  6. are you liking the Suze Orman book? I bought it but have yet to start reading. I have a feeling that it will leave me a bit depressed.


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