Friday, April 20, 2012

Frock Fridays

Remember how there's a drought in England?  Well, the government instituted a hosepipe ban on 5 April, and the joke is that a hosepipe ban is England's version of a rain dance.  It's true; we've had rain and storms every day since.

So now, after one of the hottest Marches on record, we're having one of the coldest Aprils.  I'm dreaming of brighter days and of fun frocks to wear out and about.  {av} suggested that we might go on a picnic this week, and so I started dreaming about lazy afternoons on the common with a bottle of wine, my cardigan neglected in my bag, the wind tossing my hair around my shoulders... oops, I'm getting carried away!  But, actually, when I saw this paisley dress from New Look in Grazia last week I knew it would be perfect for a picnic - don't you think it's fun?  And get this: it's only £25.  Excellent on every score, I think!


  1. That week in March had me jumping up and down, and the weather now is so awful! I've got total sundress fever, and it's not even warm enough to get away with one with leggings. Boo. This dress is cute, too!!

  2. Oh it's so darn cold over here in Lille too! I feel your pain! March was beautiful and I think the government needs to make up some good-weather dance next ;)

  3. Seriously now, can we just call it a weekend and meet in the park for a picnic?! Because this is the cutest outfit in the history of outdoor outfits :)

  4. oh my goodness, what a gorgeous dress! wonder how much that'd be to get shipping to Texas? I'm going to check it out now...

    hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter!}


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