Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Mantra

Jon and I have been struggling a bit lately; we've been indulging in lots of little spats.  I say "indulging" because most of our disagreements are unsatisfying and, to be honest, unnecessary.  The thing is, though, that I'll be on the other side of the Atlantic in 10 weeks.  Somehow, we seem to think that we won't have to focus on the fact that long-distance relationships are hard if we distract ourselves with squabbles. 

But we do have to start considering how we're going to manage to stay solid while in different countries.  I have faith that, when we're finally reunited, we'll have come through the experience even stronger, but first we need to face the situation so that the thing that matters most - us - stays our priority.

(Jon has approved this message.  Well, he didn't really approve it, but he saw it and said, "Fine, okay, you can share our intimate details with the internet."  That sounds practically like an endorsement, coming from him!)


  1. Hugs! It is hard, but you will get through it! I know how it feels :(

  2. As my boyfriend is French and I am Canadian, I can totally relate. We have been in a long-distance dealio in the past but are together again. We have had a few serious talks about being away from each other, what we both expect, possible solutions and acceptable and unacceptable things, etc,etc...which was so helpful. And I think squabbles in a stressful time are normal and I have periods of many of them too when I am stressed...if anything they just confirm that you guys can make it through difficult situations! I am sure you will find the perfect solution at the perfect moment!


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