Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Midweek Mantra

I wanted to let you all know that my grandmother passed away last week.  While I miss her deeply and grieve for the loss, it is comforting to think that she enjoyed every dimension of her life and remained an adventurer until the end.


  1. i saw this the other day on pinterest and LOVED it.

    so true.

    and such a great reminder.

    i am happy to see you are looking for all the positives in such a loss.

  2. I'm so sorry about your grandmother's passing. If she was anything like you (and I'm sure she was), she lived every once of width in her life. :)

  3. Wishing you happiness in this time :) of loss. Whenever someone in my family dies, I sometimes take comfort in knowing that they lived a full, beautiful life...which is really what life is about, isn't it?


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