Friday, March 30, 2012

Frock Fridays - April Showers

I love the assignment that {av} has given us for today's link-up: rain!  Actually, England - and especially the south-east - is in drought at the moment.  We've had below-average rainfall for the past two years, and everyone's freaking out a bit about the upcoming hosepipe bans and possible further water restrictions.

This means that, shockingly, the majority of Brits are praying for rain.  I actually think that the timing of the drought isn't a coincidence; I think that I must have brought it over with me from the States and so, following this logic, England will be deluged as soon as I leave at the end of May.  If it starts raining earlier, though, I'll have to be prepared with the proper gear... but that doesn't mean I'll have to be dowdy!

showers and flowers

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