Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Spread

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the Super Bowl tomorrow - I'm singing in the afternoon and then having dinner with the choir afterwards.  I did look into my options for participating here in London anyway since the game starts so late; amongst other possibilities, there's a BBQ restaurant near my house in Clapham that's hosting Super Bowl festivities but it's sold out.  Since I'm a "go big or go home" kind of girl when it comes to sports, I'd rather just give the whole thing a miss.  By the way, my idea of "go big or go home" for American football involves eating lots of wings, drinking lots of beer, and telling myself that the celery sticks make the blue cheese dip less calorific.

Oh, hello - that sentence was an excellent introduction to this image of delicious Super Bowl snack food!  To be honest, you can try to be as healthy as you want on this hallowed day in the American calendar, but I don't see much point.  I'd much rather have just one piece of one of the below platters than all the salad in the world - wouldn't you?

I've made the chorizo cigars and they are absolutely delicious - though it's fiddly to make them as small as seen in the photo - and have created a variation on the spanikopita bites that tasted heavenly.  The lasagna cups look genius, especially for a party!  And, while everyone always has dips on hand for the Super Bowl, the artichoke-olive tapenade is classy and unexpected.  Yum!

What will you be doing and cooking for tomorrow's big game?

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  1. Those lasagne cups look awesome! I'm missing it too, well may catch a bit on TV, but not all that interested to be honest (apart from in the food and commercials :p)


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