Friday, February 10, 2012

Frock Fridays

I was delighted that {av} went the traditional route with today's Friday's Fancies and themed the game for Valentine's Day!  Jon and I put our own spin on the holiday, but - as you know - I love any excuse to wear pink.

Our first Valentine's day together was a bit excruciating; it was wonderful to be celebrating with such an amazing boy, of course, but it was so horribly formulaic. Not only does Jon agree with this, but he has decreed that we will never again make reservations on 14 February because of that experience.  He had arranged dinner for us at a fancy restaurant, and I truly can't blame him because he was trying to provide the lovely experience that he thought I wanted, but by the end of the night we felt pretty grim because the whole thing seemed so painfully contrived.  (This is no fault of the restaurant, I would hasten to add; it's just the nature of the beast.)  So we're not really going to be doing Valentine's Day on the 14th anymore - but we will still be celebrating!

We will be going out to dinner on 17 February, either to Bar Boulud by ourselves or to Quo Vadis with a chef friend who just started working there and his girlfriend, and Jon has requested a classic sexy/sweet look.  Actually, when I asked him what I should wear, he helpfully said, "I don't know.  Look hot.  But not too hot.  Because then I'll have competition.  I guess, I don't know, maybe something pretty?"  I have decided to translate this into sexy/sweet, and created the below outfit with London in mind: every single piece here is from the UK.  I might freeze to death, but I will look good and feel patriotic (for my adopted country) while doing it!

earrings / necklace / bracelets / nailpolish / mascara / lipgloss / dress / jacket / clutch / shoes ]

By the way, don't you love the back of this frock?  The dress is so demure from the front, but once you take off that leather jacket... yowza!


  1. So cute! Love that you added in the black, leather jacket!:)

  2. Ooooh, you've redone your blog! It is so beautiful and stylish. Your header is stunning!

    I really like the red dress. That cut looks good on me and that colour does too but I don't know if I'd be bold enough to wear them together (only because I'm, um, big-boned).

  3. love love love the clutch - so pretty :) xx

  4. Great outfit and accessories I love it!

  5. Oh so pretty! The back of that dress is simply stunning!

    Happy Weekend girl!


  6. i love that red color of the dress and the back is amazing. and then you went and did a rocker chick look with the spiky heels and the black leather jacket, awesome!

  7. That dress is gorgeous! This is such a great outfit :)

  8. Hahaha I had to laugh because I've never gone out on Valentine's Day... not by choice just because it just never happened. but I don't really have any desire too. It does seem just too cliche for me having worked at a restaurant before.. OMG THAT DRESS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the back of it! It's such a cute dress but then the back is just sexy! You did a perfect sexy/sweet outfit combo! :)

    Have a fun weekend!
    Nicole Rene

  9. What a gorgeous dress, especially with the open back! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Twirling Clare

  10. ohmygoodness. I love that he gives his input on your outfit--my {cv} wouldn't even think about doing that, not because I don't want him to but because it wouldn't cross his mind. I think you nailed his objectives perfectly though...I adore that dress! so happy to have you again this week! xoxo {av}


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