Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Might Call For Some Adele

Okay, confession time: I wrote a totally pathetic post last night and (gasp) published it but then I had an attack of oh-my-God-what-if-they're-tired-of-me-being-down and so I deleted it.  But this morning I got this really sweet email from Karen about it and I realized that:

a) some of you saw it before I took it off anyway
b) there's nothing wrong with being a bit gloomy when, you know, life sucks

Basically, for those of you who aren't as impressively on top of your Google reader as you might be (ahem), I explained that I was at Dulles International Airport, waiting to board my flight back to London, and that I didn't want to get on the plane.

And then I asked an immortal question, one that I'm sure I will ask until I die:

At what age do you stop wanting to be with your mother when [expletive] hits the fan?

I'm not there yet.

I've got a lot going on right now, and, to be honest, I was stressed out by everything that's being thrown at me even before Dad called about Grandma last week.  There's a constant chatter in the blogosphere about how much of the messy bits of our lives we bloggers should share with our readers and, on the flip side of the coin, how much of the messy bits our readers want to be aware of, so I'm very conscious of trying to walk the line.  Therefore, while I'm not going to stop posting about the hard parts that come with being a daughter/granddaughter/sister/girlfriend/expat/professional/whatever, I'm going to do my best to do so in a measured and composed way.  And in the meantime, I'm going to remember this, from Marilyn Monroe:


  1. Aw, I saw your post last night and went to comment and saw you had deleted it and figured something like this had happened. But the answer to your question is, at least for me, not before 36, because I still want my mom when I am down! Chin up. Hope your flight back was okay.

  2. I second that. I think it's magnified by distance, but they sure are good at fixing things!

  3. I'm not there yet either. There's times when I just well up with self pity and wish my mom was nearby so someone else could be the caregiver, even if for an hour.

    And about sharing too much. It's a tough call and very personal to each person. Some people share waaaaaaay more than I'm comfortable with as a reader--and I'm not a prude! Some need to share a bit more so people can relate to them (if they want readers).

    And about your deleted post. It's ok to show the slightly messy side of your life from time to time--if you're comfortable doing so. I've been amazed at the response when I've written the (rare) post that exposes a bit more about the gritty, emotional side of me. I don't do that very often for many reasons but mainly because I write the blog to engage and entertain and I doubt if an overdose of gritty emotion is engaging or entertaining to my readers, but the occasional Opening Up Post helps them see that I'm human and adds strength to the reader/writer social contract.

    And thank you very much for the link back! It's cool to know when you've inspired a thought :)

  4. When my mom left to go back to the States this summer, I bawled like a baby. I think we (As long as the moms are good ones) always want our moms around.


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