Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shh! A Jewellery Secret

(By the way, is that how we spell "jewellery" in America?  I'm on a British computer with British spell-check and it looks funny to me.  But that could be because I'm writing this at 3am; it turns out that you'll find it hard to fall back asleep if you go to bed at an obscenely early hour and then get woken up in the middle of the night!  Who knew?  Anyway.)

There's a secret in the world of jewellery.  I've known it for years, but that's because I've had a woman on the inside.  (Hi, Mom!)  The secret is this: there are places that you've never think to look for jewellery - but they've got some great finds at fantastic prices.  What are these places, you ask?  I'll tell you:


Seriously.  Art galleries have the most amazing pieces.  The jewellery in museum shops is beautifully designed, usually because it's based on actual works in the museum's collection or on renderings of jewellery that appear in other art media like paintings.  For this reason, they're also often historically informed, which is excellent considering the current vogue for vintage.  And, for the most part, they're not horribly expensive because - shh! - shopping for jewellery is still somewhat of a secret.

See for yourself:

Okay, now you know the secret.  Use it wisely, and tell only people you can trust!


  1. I love museum shops, the V&A I think has the best one I have been to but they all always have such awesome stuff.

  2. One of my favorite rings comes from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in DC. I rarely go to DC without running through the gift shop to check for good deals.

  3. I did ALL of my Christmas shopping at MoMA this past year and it was amazing. Plus my mom is a member so I totally cashed in on her name and got 10% off! :)


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