Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

... if you realize halfway through a fight that your argument isn't valid but continue to stand your ground anyway

... if you buy new shoes every chance you get but keep the same three old pairs on rotation

... if you insist on making your (boy)friend take endless "candid" photos of you until you get one with the right air of unstudied insouciance

.... if you buy your sexy lingerie from M&S or Target because you don't see the point in spending tons of money on something you'll only be wearing for 30 seconds

... if you tell everyone you're dreaming of a whirlwind trip to Paris but really just want a weekend at home in your PJs with lots of books and no obligations

[ all images via pinterest]


  1. I loved this post--very much a 'made me smile because it was so cute and clever' post!

    And yes, I was nodding along in agreement on several...


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