Friday, December 30, 2011

Frock Fridays - NYE

Jon and I are heading back to Suffolk for this second holiday weekend.  We'll spend some time with his parents, of course, but the real draw is a New Year's Eve house party hosted by Harry, one of Jon's best friends from childhood.  Jon keeps telling me not to let my imagination run away from me, but I predict that this is going to be no ordinary shindig.  You see, Harry lives in a stately pile full of beautiful art and fine furniture and, the last time I went to a party there, everyone was in black tie and the champagne flowed like water.  (Your posh-o-meter should be going crazy at this moment - is it?  Good.)  So, basically, I think I have the right to go all out for for the NYE bash.

The only problem is that I'm totally broke after Christmas and, even with the current crazy sales, I can't afford to buy a new frock.  My brilliant solution: renting a fabulous dress for the occasion from WishWantWear, a website that loans out designer clothes for a fraction of the retail price.  (The American version of this company is called Rent The Runway.)  I've totally fallen for the classic Hollywood glamour of this Badgley Mischka gown...

Le sigh.  To be worn avec des lèvres rouges, je pense, et un chignon, et des perles, et peut-être même des gants aux coudes - non?

[Note: due to a week-long case of indecision, I didn't put the order through in time and so will not actually be wearing this frock to the party.  Quel dommage - mais dans mes rêves...]

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