Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Laugh

David Attenborough is one of the UK's national treasures. A broadcaster and naturalist, he has been the face and voice of natural history programs on the BBC for 50 years; his documentaries are absolutely fascinating.  Although I quickly realized while watching The Blue Planet that you shouldn't get too attached to the baby animals you see on screen because they're probably going to die shortly - Attenborough is big on Tennyson's "nature red in tooth and claw" - I find myself totally engrossed in the science and mystery of life that he articulates.

The current Attenborough program being broadcast in the UK is called Frozen Planet, and it's all about the Earth's poles.  I love this clip: it's the naughty corner for you!

I want one.  Or two.  Or a baby seal.  Want.


  1. "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Betsy, noooooooo, why, you TEASE!!?

  2. NO! I am so sorry! Maybe go to YouTube and try to find a non-BBC-endorsed clip? Search for "Frozen Planet polar bear cubs." You will die with cute.

  3. ahahah super cute!!!!! Love it!!


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