Friday, November 4, 2011

Frock Fridays - Downton Abbey

I promised you all a glimpse of my Halloween costume for today's Frock Fridays, but - lame alert - I didn't end up going to my friends' Disney-themed party because I fell asleep and missed it.  (I was going to be the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast.)  Very sorry to have led you on.  Never fear, though; I have an excellent Frock Fridays planned anyway!

Downton Abbey is an absolute obsession over here in England.  I sort of refused to jump on the bandwagon, but then I accidentally started watching it when I was sick and I got hooked.  I managed to watch all of the first season in two days, and then caught up with the second season gradually over the following week.  Last Sunday was the first time I could watch it on TV - and it was bliss.  (I never watch it with other people; I get so into the characters and the storylines that I'm a nightmare to be around.  I'm that girl who yells at the screen.  It's pretty bad.)

I'm a bit nervous about the style that Downton is heading into, mostly because - shock, horror - I'm not a huge fan of the flapper era, sartorially.  But the Edwardian frocks are gorgeous, and even the casual daytime outfits are unbelievably elegant.  Believe it or not, the show's look could be recreated in this day in age, if one has a few thousand dollars to spend on Jason Wu pieces...

Do you think that, if I walked up to Dan Stevens while wearing this, he'd say, "Hello, darling" to me in that honey voice, his eyelids lowered and his lips curled into a smile?  One can only hope.

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  1. That dress just floors me! Love it!

    Sad you couldn't dress up as the feather duster- would have loved to see it!!!


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