Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Foodie Haven (Ruined Already)

Man, I'm frustrated.  A good thing comes along and then the New York Times has to go and blab it to the whole [expletive] world.  Can't they stop scooping?  Jeez.

I mean, remember when Amy M. Thomas, who has "always been one of those girls," wrote about discovering Paris beyond the tourist confines?  I was annoyed because she mentioned a restaurant that I had been planning on visiting during my then-upcoming trip to Paris with my mother and I was afraid that, having been featured in the paper, it would become overrun by Americans.  You should have seen what my expat friends living in Paris said about her article; I think the kindest thing was this:

The typo notwithstanding, I think you all understand the sentiment.

I feel vaguely the same way about last week's London Dispatch blog post highlighting the Maltby Street Market.  Now, I need to preface this rant-ette with the confession that I've never actually been there.  However, my famous-chef-friend (hey, Jake!) told me about Maltby Street over the summer and I've been dying to go ever since.  After all, the boy who introduced me to salsify and samphire has got to be trusted when it comes to food.

But now the whole thing is going to be absolutely ruined.  Ruined, I tell you!  I'm the only socially liberal but sort of elitist American expat who has relocated to London and who went to an Ivy League college and has an advanced degree in something vaguely esoteric and who works in the arts and who loves local/seasonal cooking and who embraces/questions all faiths and religions but believes above all in spirituality - oh [expletive], I'm such a bobo - who is allowed to know about and frequent the Maltby Street Market!  It's not for you.  It's for me.

Therefore, dear New York Times, stop scooping!  Thank you.


  1. Oof, that article about Paris was insufferable.

  2. Oh man, I worry about moving back to the US and sounding like the NYT girl.

    The two times I tried to make it to Maltby life or TFL got in the way. Should I just consider it spoiled and skip it?

  3. No, Danielle, we just have to own it! Let's go :)


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