Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preps Rejoice

First I find out that JCrew is now shipping to the UK, which means that I can get all this:

without having my mother order it for me, receive the parcel in my name in DC, and finally repackage it to send over to London.  Huzzah!

But then also I was forwarded this email from a darling friend who clearly cares little about the state of my bank balance:

Kate Spade is coming to London!  Woohoo!  I mean... I respect my paycheck.  I budget responsibly.  I only window shop.

Hey, did someone mention window shopping?  I hear there's this great new store in Sloane Square.  Does anyone fancy a wander through the Royal Borough?  Because I'll join you for a mid-meander cup of coffee - after I've stopped by the new Kate Spade, of course.  A girl has got to have her priorities!


  1. Oh. No. Kate Spade in Sloane Square? It's bad enough I drool over Tiffanys and find myself "needing" way to much at Banana Republic. I need to stay away and satisfy my shopping impulses at places that won't cause me to mutter "this would be so much less expensive at home."

  2. I'm definitely excited for J. Crew! YES! :)

  3. Not that I need more of a reason to go to Sloane Square but thanks - I now have another good reason to go to Sloane Square! Just window shopping though, of course.


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