Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots - Night Three

As I'm sure you're all aware, there are many varying theories kicking around about the motivations behind the unrest that has now spread throughout England.  I don't know what the answer is to why this chaos is ongoing, but I do know that the residents of this country who are not vandalizing, looting, and committing arson are fed up.  For each piece of evidence of the ignorance and brutality of the rioters, there are video and images of heartening pride in this country and in its law-abiding citizens:

I hope you're all safe wherever you are.  Many thanks to all in England who are cleaning up their neighborhoods, protecting their cities, and standing up to the hoodlums.

(Editor's note: tomorrow's post will be a piece of total escapism.  Be prepared for fluff!)

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  1. Oh, Betsy. My heart and soul ache for everyone affected by the riots. I'm glad to know you're okay and hope much better days are ahead for all. xxx


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