Saturday, June 4, 2011

Twickenham - Rugby and Donuts

For the last two weekends, I've taken part in a time-honored Twickenham rugby tradition: donuts.

See, Jon's aunt and uncle live on the road between the Twickenham train station and the Twickenham rugby stadium, and, when on major match days the road is pedestrianized, they make and sell donuts from their front garden.  If the match is at capacity attendance, they can make and sell over five thousand donuts in just one afternoon.

I could tell you about the donut process - they're six for £3 or twelve for a fiver, you know - but, luckily, some hungry aficionado made a video about "The Life and Death of a Donut" back in 2007 and put it on YouTube.  (We don't know who this guy is, but we like him.)  Look:

Anyway, making and selling donuts to (sometimes very drunk) rugby fans is how I have spent the past two Saturdays.  Happily, my old flatmates had an extra ticket to the festival (or whatever it was called) on the 21st, and so during a lull in the afternoon I went to the stadium to check out the Sevens matches, where I saw the USA beat Argentina 22-21 in the final seconds of the game.  Obviously I took some photos...

Yay for the USA!  Yay for rugby!  And yay for Jon's family, and yay for donuts, and yay for productive Saturdays.  (This is not a productive Saturday as we're in the country with Jon's parents, but yay for that, too.)


  1. Wow that is an impressive looking contraption. Except now you have me thinking of donuts and the only ones conveniently around us are krispy cremes from the local tescoes. Which have like 1000 calories and cocaine or some other highly addicitive drug in them.

  2. I could seriously eat donuts all day long...I love them. I don't eat them very often, but man, if I had a donut machine that would make me so happy.

  3. Karen: yes and they are aitch-oh-tee!
    Sarah and Michelle: I will warn you that it's a pain in the you know what to set up and put away! But yum indeed.


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