Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happiest of Mother's Days to you, Mom.  I wish I were there to bring you flowers and make you breakfast and to convince you that really we should take a bonding trip to Loehmann's (you know I would be successful), but we'll have to make do with this post and a phone call.

The point is, Mü, that I love you very much.  You inspire me every day - you sail through uncomfortable situations with grace, you rise above difficult circumstances with dignity, and, above all, you love your family and friends with unconditional generosity.  I can only hope that I will mature into the kind of woman that does the same; that I will become the kind of person that makes you as proud to be my mother as I am to be your daughter.  If I am lucky enough to do so, it will be because I have had such a wonderful example in you.  I love you, Mom.  Thank you for everything.

me and Mom in Paris, April 2011

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  1. You call your mom Mu?! I call mine Mao! (Also, this post made me verklempt.)


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