Monday, May 9, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses

I have big news to share with you all - but I'm going to be a tease and make you wait until tomorrow to hear it!  Oh, okay, I'll give you a hint or two.  (Intrepid readers might decide to go back into the annals of this blog to decipher my hints...)

I've recently reconnected with a very best friend - we'd been on the outs for a while, but over the past few weeks have cautiously been making an effort to patch things up.

Tonight I will be celebrating the birthday of this loved one along with dear family on Northcote Road, one of my favorite streets near my old flat - we will eat and drink and be merry just like, I hope, old times, though of course with a touch more wisdom under our belts.

All will reveal itself tomorrow!


  1. Betsy, my nubile dove, I thought we agreed to keep our torrid romance a secret?!

  2. It's 'tomorrow,' Betsy!

  3. Tease! Haha - I'm glad things are going well and you're reconnecting with a dear friend. But now, I wanna know more! Deets, please. :-)

  4. Happy? :P

    (Lily, you sly fox...)


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