Sunday, April 10, 2011

Parisian Pause

Salut mes chers!  Ça va?  All is lovely in Paris on this beautiful spring morning, and I hope you're enjoying your weekend, too.

I'll do some serious posting on my trip when I've returned, though obviously I have already taken a memory card full of photos; clearly there are some aspects of looking like a tourist that don't phase me.  (Wheeling around a suitcase all day?  No thanks.  Being surgically attached to my camera?  Yes please.)

For now, though, I'm on the hotel's computer, which means you're only going to get this teaser of a post.  My Mac doesn't seem to like French wireless (pronounced "wee-fee" here) and so alas I can't begin to upload any photos or even write a proper post because this keyboard is practically upside down.  (The "w" is where?  Really?  Totally unnecessary.)

Apologies for this - but I wanted to whet your appetite for stories of Parisian adventures!  And adventures there have been, I promise you.

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