Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maximalism - Home Edition

I've been very good over the past few months - it's taken since November, but I've finally unsubscribed from my last American shopping email distribution list.  Goodbye, 30% off sale items at JCrew; au revoir, free shipping from Banana Republic; adios, borrowing designer dresses for the night at Rent the Runway... phew, cutting the ties to home is easier said than done!

However, I'm sitting at the airport at the moment waiting for my flight back to the States and I've managed to stumble on the redesigned Kate Spade website.  Oh, drool.  But wait - what's this I see?  An expanded home section coming soon?  Fabulous!

I've got housewares on the brain, you know, since I've found a new flat.  My mother sent me a link to a website that talks about feng shui for small spaces (yes, I was surprised too - it's totally not her thing, but okay) and it basically preaches minimalism.  I'm all about streamlining and maximizing efficiency, but minimal I do not do.

Why be minimal when you could have seashells in coral frames on your wall...

gorgeous roses complimenting the piles of pillows on your couch...

or an unexpected disco ball in the corner the corner of your bedroom?

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