Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Possibilities of a Wall

I don't move into my new place until 1 April, but I'm heading over to the house on Sunday to take measurements so that I can order appropriate furniture.  As I think I mentioned, the flat will be unfurnished except for a bed and so I've been doing a lot of online research.  And by research, obviously, I mean that I've been looking at pretty photos of styled rooms.  Drool.

Though I've been pouring over my old favourites, Heal's and Habitat, I've been turned on to a new website: Made.  They say they cut out the middlemen to bring cool and affordable furniture to the masses.   It's still above my budget, for the most part, though there are some pieces that I could save up for relatively easily...

So I'm thinking that I'll make a pilgrimage to Ikea on Friday morning to get basics and then will wait a bit to fill out the space while I find the pieces (and the cashmoney for these pieces) that I really like.  I need to get out of the mindset that an incomplete house is bad; it's not.  There's nothing wrong with my flat being a work-in-progress.

One of the things I'm getting into, decor-wise, is temporary wall decorations.  I'm definitely buying a chalkboard adhesive - I love the idea of jotting down a menu on the wall above the table - but I've also been looking at further options for wall stickers.  I don't know what the rules will be for putting holes in the walls and I'm afraid that I'd get bored of any permanent choices, so these are kind of my best bet:

What do you think?  Good idea / bad idea - other suggestions?  I'm totally open to anything!


  1. I'm all caught up now...

    Since you lived in Paris, you know this already, but, get your very very basics (whatever you need to live...) and then head to the Marché aux Puce -- they have such fabulous decor over there :)

    Plus sometimes a girl just needs a trip to Paris. I'll certainly go with you!!

  2. Sarah, thanks for reading all of this - that takes dedication! Am loving your blog, by the way.

    And, in fact, I'm going to Paris in two weeks with my mother! We'll have to check out the Marché for sure.


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