Friday, March 11, 2011

Frock Fridays

Today's Frock Friday post might seem boring, but if you read carefully you'll notice that I do have news to share.  (And share I will, when I come home this evening!)

This morning I'm hosting a breakfast for donors at work - which is why I'm up before 7am - and, as I was up relatively late last night following a flat viewing (!) and as my soon-to-be new boss will be at the morning event (!) I'm sticking with a relatively simple and conservative office-appropriate frock for today's post.

Oh, hello, Theory.  You never fail me.

Love this dress - the black is slimming, obviously, and the rouching on the side keeps it from being totally boring.  I'm also enjoying boatneck tops at the moment as they take the pressure away from finding an appropriate necklace and I can keep wearing my go-to classic pearl earrings.  I'd wear with this dress with a colorful cardigan, low heels, and minimal jewelry.

Wait.  Is it awesome or pathetic that Michelle Obama seems to be my style icon at the moment?

Interesting.  Let's have a think on that one.

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