Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Spring!

Dear Spring,

I am so glad that you've finally officially arrived!  I know that you're a bit shy and so you're really only sneaking peeks at us around the doorframe, but it's lovely to think that you are, indeed, here.  Soon you and I will be strolling hand in hand down the streets of London, admiring the delicately budding trees and the imperially vibrant flowers and the strengthening heat of the sun - oh, the sun!  You do bring the sun, sometimes, even to London.  And when this companion of yours obliges us, we are convinced to venture outside - to parks, commons, and green spaces - to soak up the beauty of it all.  You encourage, too, swingy skirts and bare legs and espadrilles, which are three of my favorite things, you know.  Dressing for you is like preparing for a special occasion everyday; one must look appropriately lovely to grace you.  So thank you for coming along, Spring.  I can't wait to get to know you better and to enjoy your company in the coming weeks - please don't take too long to join us properly!

Welcome, from the bottom of my heart.

Washington, DC; April 2010


  1. Betsy, you haven't missed it :) Look at my Saturday post - the link is still open. I hope you will participate.

    Yea, Spring is here!! XOL

  2. Oh, Betsy, you are such a good writer - I love your blog. You are living my fantasy - working in London in the theatre scene - and I wish you well!

  3. Be sure to visit the Chelsea Physic Garden. It's wonderful anytime, but especially in spring.

  4. Thanks, Martha!

    HHUK - will do this weekend.

    Louise, it's on my list! I tried to go last summer but got stuck in a pub garden. You know how it is!


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